Question about Yamaha RX-V520 receiver.

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  1. Philip Hamm

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    How do you get the coax input to work with a DVD plyer? Right now the coax only works for the "CD" input, but I want it to work for the DVD player which only has a coax output.
    Philip Hamm
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  2. Blaine Skerry

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    Aug 15, 2001
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    Philip, if the RX-V520 has the same menu system as the RX-V620 you can reassign the co-ax input to DVD. I think I had to do the same thing when I got my receiver. Hope this helps.
  3. jeff lam

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    Jeff Lam
    I have the 620 and I had to reassign the input to match the DVD. If your remote is the same as mine, switch it to Amp, push the >> button just under the big diamond, it should send you to a menu saying input selector or designator or something like that. Use this menu to alter the coax and optical input assignments. If not, refer back to your manual and look for input assignment or something to that nature.
    PS: I would try it out but I'm not at home right now so this is just from my memory.
    Good luck!
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