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Anthony Moore

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Jul 12, 2001
Hi all
Im offly new here, but im learning so much from all of you.
I would love to get some more power out of my HT, and I read about people hooking up amps to for their home systems. Is there a webpage you can direct me to, or give me some info on amps and how to hook them into your reciever? For instance, are all recievers capable of being added onto? Any kind of help would be appreciated.
Thanks for the input.

Elbert Lee

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May 24, 2000
Anthony - In order to hook up/add an outboard amp to your receiver, it must have analog RCA PRE OUTs. Essentially, these preamp outputs are exactly the same as the pre-amp output for your sub. With the exception of SUBWOOFER PRE OUT, most manufacturers only have PRE OUTS on their mid-higher line models. Each RCA pre-out represents one channel (Left Front, Right Front, Center, Right Rear, Left Rear, and possibly Surround Back for EX-ready receivers)
ALMOST all receivers will have a pre-out for an active SUBWOOFER. By using an outboard amp for the other channels, you are basically using your receiver as a separates preamp/processor, thereby bypassing your receiver's internal amp. If your receiver has these preamp outputs, you can probably use an outboard amp for any number of channels you need. For example, you may want a more powerful outboard amp for just main speakers because they need more juice.
I personnaly recommend getting a 3 channel amp for the mains and center while letting your reciever's internal amps drive the rears. Without a way to discharge your receiver's amp's transformer, heat will build up quite fast.
This way, you won't waste $$$ on the surround channels that probably don't need that much power and getting the most out of the more critical front end.

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