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    I had the opportunity to talk with PTA yesterday about the upcoming PDL DVD release & you'll see the specs listed below (along with the back cover of the DVD courtesy of PTA). Paul is very excited about the DVD & was very careful to ensure the DVD matched the spirit of the film. Disc 1 has extremely high bit rate (it's part of Sony/Columbia Tri-Star's Superbit DVD line). Disc 2 has all the bonus materials. Paul also sent me this statement about the DVD:

    "A glimpse and hopefully an answer as to what's inside and what is coming in June....very proud, worked hard, never-ending decisions and executions.....but at last a disc everyone can be proud of. Delays are good - especially when they're over. Barry Egan and Lena Leonard coming soon in the full blown color and glow of romance with a very high bit rate. Love can take quite a long time -- it lasts forever if you store it properly and put it in its case. best, paul."

    Punch-Drunk Love DVD - 2 DVD Special Edition
    Street Date: June 10, 2003

    Disc 1 Widescreen Version (2.35:1) (Enhanced for 16:9 TVs)
    Dolby Digital EX 6.1

    Disc 2

    Blossoms & Blood (12 minute feature which includes alternate takes, Jeremy Blake artwork & Jon Brion's "Here We Go" music video directed by PTA.)

    2 Deleted Scenes

    Mattress Man Commercial

    3 Theatrical Trailers

    12 Scopitones (aka Internet Trailers/Spots)

    Additional Artwork by Jeremy Blake

    Before I get flooded with emails, I would like to answer some questions you might have about the DVD release. I thought I would post a short Q & A, which should answer any questions you might have.

    Why isn't there a commentary track or behind the scenes documentary/diary?
    Paul wanted the DVD to be a complete experience & did not want features that pulled you away from the film. For this reason, he avoided adding interview clips, a documentary, a commentary track, etc. As with Magnolia, he wanted the film to speak for itself. He wants each DVD to be a unique experience & he's already done a diary for Magnolia. PTA expressed to me that we wanted the DVD to be like "going inside Jeremy Blake's head & taking in all the colors" & making the DVD abstract/bizarre (like the film).

    What happened to the initial plan of releasing a movie only edition & a special edition later?
    Paul thought that was just a way to "rip people off". He asked the studio for additional time to "do it right the first time".

    Why the delay until June? What took so long to put this together?
    PTA was busy doing press for the film overseas ("soaking up great foreign films & visiting great pubs"). He needed time to decide exactly what he wanted to include, design the a unique booklet to accompany the DVD, etc. Expect packaging similar to the 2 Disc Magnolia & Boogie Nights sets.

    So, there won't be another DVD version in the future?
    No. This is it. Just like Magnolia, this is his definitive version.

    Does this mean Paul will never do a commentary track for one of his films again?
    No, he's not ruled that out at all. He will take each film on a case by case basis & decide what's right. As much as we love his previous commentary tracks, we'll just have to wait until he's ready to one for a future film.

    What's this Mattress Man commercial?
    According to the Stevens Brothers, it's "fucking hilarious". A D & D mattress commercial starring Phil Hoffman's character (Dean Trumbell). Should be a treat!

    What are the two deleted scenes?
    I honestly don't know, but neither of them are the Salvation Army scene (for more info on this see the Pudding Guy interview). PTA said that scene was very minor & he knew it right after it was filmed. Expect these to be more substantial.


    Oh damn this was one of my favorites of last year and I can't wait, glad to know that it's the only version, but a little disapointed at no documentary or comentary but o well.
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    actually i did do the search and that thread did not come up, i didn't type the - between punch and drunk so maybe that's why

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