Proscan PS8680Z No Disc?

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    "A long long time ago in a land far far away" or something like that I bought a Proscan PS8680Z DVD player on the recommendations of this forum. Somewhere around August of '99. It was after the demise of DIVX and Circuit City was blowing out their old DIVX players for cheap. I think I picked it up for $200 or $250, something like that. In any case I remember at the time that there were a number of people complaining about "No disc" error messages and having to return players multiple times in order to get a good one.
    Well in the last month or so my two year old Proscan has started exibiting this same behavior. I insert a DVD and close the tray only to see "No Disc". If I repeatedly open and close the tray I can usually get it to read the DVD eventually. Is anyone familiar with this error or how to fix it? Is there any chance CC would honor a warranty on a product that was long ago discontinued? I don't even know how long the warranty is? If I can't fix it then maybe a new HTPC is in my future (sooner than I planned.)
    Any help/advice/consoling you could give me would be greatly appreciated.
    Eric (long time reader, infrequent poster) Finn
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