Preparing a concrete basement floor.

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    Hi folks, I bought some (one-part)epoxy garage floor paint to paint my basement. It's old, it's concrete, it's ugly.

    I've read the instructions about using stuff to get rid of oils, stains, etc. muriatic acid, and an acrylic clear bonding primer which I can't find at lowes (I had a coupon so I'm limited to lowes). Only primers I saw were either latex (not recommended for floors and/or basement floors) or oil.

    Then I saw this enamel that is recommended for floors and latex base. It appears to have some silica (Ooooooo , see the Silica thread...Silica in my basement...ohhhhh).

    Anyway, bought a gallon of that to use under the epoxy garage floor paint and looking at application instructions.

    Other than the acid, the oil removing, it mentions to sand.
    I have access to a residential strength power washer, would it be recommended to use this? I can hook up a hose to it and I have a sump pump so I could power wash the concrete....

    Good or bad idea?

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    Greg, you beat me to it. I had just found that old thread! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    From painting my garage floor with the epoxy kit, I believe the purpose of the acid wash was to lightly etch the concrete, so the epoxy would better bond. I didn't need any secondary sanding done.

    The power washer might be easier than washing by hand (hand scrub and squeegee dry.)
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    I just went through this except I used the garage rated epoxy stuff by Rustoleum.

    Here is what I did:

    1. Pressure washed all the crap off - paint spills, stuck pebbles, stain, and oil spills.

    2. Used the concrete cleaner over the stained spots - oil, stains, etc. with a broom. I also went over the entire floor lightly with this just to get any unseen debri.

    3. Pressure washed again.

    3. Acid etched the concrete and scrubbed with broom.

    4. Pressure washed again - ALOT - Took FOREVER to get all the acid residue off. It just kept coming up as I continued to wash. I really cannot imagine getting this off with a hose and sprayer. If you dont get ALL the residue out it will not allow the pint to adhere. Once you think you got it all, you will have yet another spot suds up under the washer.

    5. Let Dry for 24 hours

    6. Painted with the Epoxy.

    Don't skip any step. I have had two friends try this - One skipped the etching and the other skipped the pressure washer. Both pealed under hot tires. Of course it does not sound like you will have vehicle traffic.

    BTW, mine is GREAT. Very glad I did it. But all that work sucked!

    Do it right or don't do it...

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