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Robert Crawford

Dec 9, 1998
Real Name
Robert Crawford will maintain this Blu-ray Preorder Release Schedule so the HTF membership can see what titles are available for preorder in the coming months. If you have any release updates, notify Robert Crawford in this thread and he'll update this Schedule as soon as possible. Thank you.

Blu-ray Titles Preorder Release Schedule:


Any Day Now (Music Box)

Castle Freak (New Moon)

Champion (Olive)

Cheech & Chong’s: Animated Movie (Fox)

City that Never Sleeps (Olive)

Copacabana (Olive)

Dementia 13/The Terror (HD Cinema Classics)

The Fighting Seebees (Olive)

Flirt (Olive)

Gangster Squad (Warner)

The Grapes of Death (Kino)

The Great Gatsby (1974) (Paramount)

A Haunted House (Universal)

The Impossible (Summit)

Jurassic Park (3-D) (Universal)

K-11 (Breaking Glass)

Ken Burns: The Central Park Five (PBS)

Magic Journey to Africa (Image)

Magic Town (Olive)

Masterpiece Classic: Mr. Selfridge (PBS)

Meanwhile (Olive)

The Night of the Hunted (Kino)

Pawn (Starz/Anchor Bay)

Pierre Etaix (Criterion)

The Pit and the Pendulum (New Moon)

Poor Pretty Eddie/Carnival Magic (Film Chest)

Promised Land (Universal)

The Red Pony (Olive)

Richard III (Criterion)

Santa Fe Stampede (Olive)

Thale (Xlrator)

Wake of the Red Witch (Olive)

War of the Wildcats (Olive)

Wuthering Heights (2011) (Oscilloscope)


Broken City (Fox)

Cloak & Dagger (1946) (Olive)

The Details (Anchor Bay)

The Enforcer (1951) (Olive)

Friends (First Season) (Warner)

Friends (Second Season) (Warner)

Funny Girl (Sony)

The Guilt Trip (Paramount)

Hoodlum Empire (Olive)

Lifeforce (Collector's Edition) (Shout! Factory)

The Lonely Trail (Olive)

The Men (Olive)

Neighboring Sounds (Cinema Guild)

Night of the Scarecrow (1995) (Olive)

Not Fade Away (Paramount)

Nova: Earth from Space (PBS)

Pals of the Saddle (Olive)

Parked (Olive)

Silver Linings Playbook (Weinstein)

Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Paramount)

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (Paramount)

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (Paramount)

Star Trek VII: Generations (Paramount)

Star Trek: Insurrection (Paramount)

Star Trek: Nemesis (Paramount)

Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Best of Both Worlds (Paramount)

Star Trek: The Next Generation (Season Three) (Paramount)

Strictly Ballroom (Lionsgate)

The Unbelievable Truth (Olive)

The Vampire Lovers (Shout! Factory)


The ABC's of Death (Magnolia)

Age of Dinosaurs (Asylum)

Anatomy/Anatomy 2 (Mill Creek)

The Assassin’s Blade (Well Go USA)

Babe: Pig in the City (Universal)

Band of Outsiders (Criterion)

Barrymore (Image)

Best of the Best: Without Warning (Echo Bridge)

Bounty Hunters 2: Hardball (Echo Bridge)

Brubaker (Fox)

Committed (Echo Bridge)

Dick Van Dyke Show (Season Two) (Image)

Dragon Lord (Echo Bridge)

Fortress (Echo Bridge)

Fresh (Echo Bridge)

Fringe (Fifth Season) (Warner)

Fringe (The Complete Series) (Warner)

Full Frontal (Echo Bridge)

Gamer (3-D) (Lionsgate)

The Great Escape (MGM)

Grifters (Echo Bridge)

Heaven (Echo Bridge)

Hellraiser VII: Deader (Echo Bridge)

The Hoax (Echo Bridge)

In the Name of the Father (Universal)

Jack Reacher (Paramount)

Jersey Girl (Echo Bridge)

Jesus Christ Superstar (Universal)

Kids on the Slope (Complete Collection) (A.D. Vision)

Mama (Universal)

Mark 2: Redemption (Pure Flix)

Mother's Boys (Echo Bridge)

The Nameless (Echo Bridge)

One Hour Photo (Fox)

The Oranges (Fox)

Pillow Talk (Universal)

The Rabbi's Cat (New Video Group)

Safe Haven (Fox)

Shanghai Noon/Shanghai Knights (Disney)

She's So Lovely (Echo Bridge)

Sparkle (1976) (Warner)

Starlet (Music Box)

Superman Unbound (Warner)

Teaching Mrs. Tingle (Echo Bridge)

The Verdict (Fox)

Viva Zapata (Fox)

White Men Can’t Jump (Fox)

WWII from Space (Lionsgate)


3:10 to Yuma (1957) (Criterion)

The Amazing Spider-Man (Mastered in 4K) (Sony)

Angels & Demons (Mastered in 4K) (Sony)

Back to 1942 (Well Go USA)

Battle: Los Angeles (Mastered in 4K) (Sony)

Beautiful Creatures (Warner)

The Bletchley Circle (PBS)

Brave New World (Millennium)

Cloud Atlas (Warner)

Colorful (A.D. Vision)

Crimewave (Shout! Factory)

Dexter (Seventh Season) (Showtime)

Dexter (Seasons 1-7) (Showtime)

Escape (2012) (Koch)

Frankie Go Boom (Universal)

Ghostbusters (Mastered in 4K) (Sony)

A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan III (Lionsgate)

Glory (Mastered in 4K) (Sony)

In the Cut/Trapped (Mill Creek)

JFK: A New World Order (Mill Creek)

Jubal (Criterion)

The Karate Kid (2010) (Mastered in 4K) (Sony)

Leave Her to Heaven (Twilight Time)

The Miracle of the Bells (Olive)

Mr. Sardonicus/The Brotherhood of Satan (Mill Creek)

The Nines/Slipstream (Mill Creek)

The Other Guys (Mastered in 4K) (Sony)

Philadelphia (Twilight Time)

Physical Evidence/The Anderson Tapes (Mill Creek)

Second Chorus (Film Chest)

Spider-Man (2002) (Mastered in 4K) (Sony)

Taxi Driver (Mastered in 4K) (Sony)

Texas Chainsaw (3-D) (Lionsgate)

Three Faces West (Olive)

Tiger & Bunny: Set 2 (Viz Media)

Tin Man (Mill Creek)

Tomorrow You’re Gone (Image)

Total Recall (2012) (Mastered in 4K) (Sony)

The United States Military: A History of Heroes (Mill Creek)

Universal Soldier: The Return/Second in Command (Mill Creek)


An Officer and a Gentleman (Warner)

Runaway Bride (Warner)


Beautiful Creatures (Warner)

The Burning (Shout! Factory)

Call the Midwife (Season Two) (BBC Warner)

Captain America (Shout! Factory)

Cold Eyes of Fear (Kino)

A Common Man (Starz/Anchor Bay)

Howl's Moving Castle (Disney)

K-On! (A.D. Vision)

Last Stand (Lionsgate)

Lego Batman: The Movie (Warner)

Little Caesar (Warner)

Medium Cool (Criterion)

My Neighbor Totoro (Disney)

National Lampoon's Vacation (30th Anniversary) (Warner)

Nightfall (Well Go USA)

Open Road (Universal)

Parker (Sony)

The Petrified Forest (Warner)

Private (Cult Epics)

The Public Enemy (Warner)

Side Effects (Universal)

Sommersby (Warner)

Stand Up Guys (Lionsgate)

Struck By Lightning (New Video Group)

This Girl is Badass (Magnolia)

The Town That Dreaded Sundown (Shout! Factory)

True Blood (Fifth Season) (HBO)

The Ultimate Gangsters Collection (Contemporary) (Warner)

The Ulitmate Gangsters Collection (Classic) (Warner)

White Heat (Warner)


AE Apocalypse Earth (Asylum)

Airheads (Anchor Bay/Starz)

Bedazzled (Anchor Bay/Starz)

Best Laid Plans (Anchor Bay/Starz)

Black Knight (Anchor Bay/Starz)

Blowing Wild (Olive)

Chasing Papi (Anchor Bay/Starz)

Cleopatra (50th Anniversary 2-Disc) (Fox)

Cleopatra (50th Anniversary Limited Edition) (Fox)

Dark Command (Olive)

Dark Skies (Starz/Anchor Bay)

Dead Mine (Anderson Merchandizing)

Dirty Mary Crazy Larry/Race With The Devil (Shout! Factory)

Doctor Who: Series Seven (Part Two) (BBC)

Doctor Who: The Snowmen (BBC)

Dying Young (Anchor Bay/Starz)

Father Goose (Olive)

The File on Thelma Jordon (Olive)

George Gently Collection : Series 1-4 (Acorn)

George Gently: Series 2 (Acorn)

The Girl Who Knew Too Much (Olive)

The Grass is Greener (Olive)

In Old California (Olive)

Jumpin' Jack Flash (Anchor Bay/Starz)

Lady from Louisiana (Olive)

Life is Sweet (Criterion)

Lore (Music Box)

The Magic Christian (Olive)

My Brothers (Olive)

My Super Ex-Girlfriend (Anchor Bay/Starz)

The Newton Boys (Anchor Bay/Starz)

Phi-Brain: Season One (Collection 2) (Section 23)

Reuben, Reuben (Olive)

Rolling Thunder (Shout! Factory)

Shanks (Olive)

Shoot First, Die Later (Kino)

Simply Irresistible (Anchor Bay/Starz)

The Star Chamber (Anchor Bay/Starz)


Galapagos (3-D) (3D Media)

Ocean Giants (3-D) (BBC Warner)

Yellowstone (3-D) (3D Media)


12 Rounds: Reloaded (Fox)

Adventure Time (First Season) (Warner)

Adventure Time (Second Season) (Warner)

Alfred Hitchcock: The Essentials Collection (Universal)

The Book of Esther (Pure Flix)

Breaking Bad (Fifth Season) (Sony)

Charlie Zone (Starz/Anchor Bay)

Cleaver Family Reunion (Asylum)

Clint Eastwood: 20 Film Collection (Warner)

Creature from the Black Lagoon (3-D) (Universal)

Daniel Craig 007 Collection (MGM)

Earthquake (Universal)

Escape from Planet Earth (3-D)(Anchor Bay/Starz)

Falling Skies (Second Season) (Warner)

A Good Day to Die Hard (Fox)

The Hangover/Old School (Warner)

In Old Arizona (Fox)

Identity Thief (Universal)

The Invisible Man (Universal)

It’s a Disaster (Oscilloscope)

The Last Ride (Fox)

Legendary White Stallions (PBS)

Mad Max Trilogy (Warner)

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (Warner)

Mental (Universal)

Midway (Universal)

The Mummy (Universal)

The Odd Couple (Warner)

Perfect Understanding (Cohen)

Phantom of the Opera (Universal)

Sadako (Well Go USA)

Scum (Kino)

The Shadow (Universal)

Shane (Warner)

True Grit/The Searchers (Warner)

Warm Bodies (Summit)


100 Below Zero (Asylum)

The Dick Van Dyke Show (Third Season) (Image)

Driven (Warner)

The Driver (Twilight Time)

Enter the Dragon (40th Anniversary) (UCE) (Warner)

Fear Not (Kino Lorber)

Hanzel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (Rated & Unrated) (3-D) (Paramount)

Hardtimes (Twilight Time)

The House of Seven Corpses (Severin)

House On Straw Hill (Severin)

The Newsroom (First Season) (HBO)

Ninja III: The Domination (Shout! Factory)

The Only Game in Town (Twilight Time)

The Philadelphia Experiment (2012) (Starz/Anchor Bay)

Rendition (New Line)

Running Scared (New Line)

Snitch (Summit)

Street Trash (Synapse)

Wild Strawberries (Criterion)

Wrong (Image)


The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse (Starz/Anchor Bay)

Biohazard: Patient Zero (TBA)

The Brass Teapot (Magnolia)

Dead Man Down (FilmDistrict)

Flame of Barbary Coast (Olive)

Hangar 18 (Olive)

Hell’s House (Kino)

The Howling (Collector's Edition) (Shout! Factory)

The Last Exorcism Part II (Sony)

Jack the Giant Slayer (New Line)

Lifeforce (Collector's Edition) (Shout! Factory)

Marketa Lazarova (Criterion)

Movie 43 (Fox)

Of Human Bondage (Kino)

One Touch of Venus (Olive)

Safety Last! (Criterion)

Showdown at Boot Hill (Olive)

Stoker (Warner)

Things to Come (Criterion)

Upside Down (3-D) (Millennium)

Wilfred (Season Two) (Fox)

Workaholics (Season Three) (Paramount)


Australia’s First 4 Billion Years (PBS)

Battledogs (Asylum)

The Call (Sony)

Dead Souls (Scream Factory)

Hanzel & Greta Get Baked (New Group)

Inspector Lewis: Series 6 (PBS)

Into the White (Magnolia)

No (Sony)

Pusher (Starz/Anchor Bay)

The Rambler (Starz/Anchor Bay)

Shoah (Criterion)


An American Girl: Saige Paints the Sky (Universal)

The Dick Van Dyke Show (Season Four) (Image)

Horizons in the Middle of Nowhere (Season Two) (Section 23)

The Kentucky Fried Movie (Shout! Factory)

The Producers (Shout! Factory)

The Tower (Inception)

Tower Block (Shout! Factory)

Venus & Serena (Magnolia)


Aerial America: New England Collection (Inception)

Blood and Sand (Fox)

Cohen & Tate (Shout! Factory)

The Life of Oharu (Criterion)

Love is a Many-Splendored Thing (Twilight Time)

New World (Well Go USA)

Portlandia (Season Three) (Service Corp)

The Power of Few (Vivendi)

Queen Blade Rebellion (Complete Collection) (Section 23)

Robot Chicken: DC Comics Special (Warner)

Sleepless in Seattle (Twilight Time)

A Turtle’s Tale 2: Sammy’s Escape from Paradise (3-D) (Vivendi)

Would You Rather (MPI)


And Then There Were None (Gaiam)

Eve of Destruction (Sonar Entertainment)

Heavy Traffic (Shout! Factory)

Jackie Chan: Battle Creek Brawl/City Hunter (Shout! Factory)

Lord of the Flies (Criterion)

Orphan Black (Season One) (BBC Warner)

Patlabor TV: Collection 1 (Section 23)

Regular Show (Seasons One and Two) (Cartoon Network)


Babette’s Feast (Criterion)

The Fog (Shout! Factory)

Graceland (Image)

Great White Shark: A Living Legend (BBC)

Hanging for Django (Raro)

The Ice Storm (Criterion)

Kiss of the Damned (Magnolia)

Love & Honor (MPI)

Phi-Brain (Season One) (Collection 1) (Section 23)

Pieta (Image)

Tai Chi Hero (Well Go USA)

Vehicle 19 (Arc Entertainment)

Welcome to the Punch (MPI)


Another (Complete Collection) (Section 23)

Banshee (First Season) (HBO)

The Bronte Sisters (Cohen)

The Devil’s Backbone (Criterion)

Filly Brown (Indomina)

The Incredible Melting Man (Shout! Factory)

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (Warner)

Knightriders (Shout! Factory)

Movies 4 You: Timeless Westerns (Butch & Sundance: The Early Days/The Last Hard Men/Rio Conchos/Take a Hard Ride) (Shout! Factory)

On the Road (MPI)

Peggy Sue Got Married (Image)

Under the Bed (Anderson Merchandise)


Absence (New Video Group)

Action Jackson (Warner)

Berserk: Golden Age Arc II (Battle for Doldrey) (Viz Media)

Floating City (Well Go USA)

Passenger 57 (Warner)

Strike Back (Second Season) (HBO)


Body Double (Twilight Time)

The Disappearance (Twilight Time)

Flashdance (Warner)

The Guillotines (Well Go USA)

Hatchet III (MPI)

The Presidio (Warner)

Sexy Beast (Twilight Time)

Shaft (2000) (Warner)


Death Hunt (Fox)

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan (Set 2) (Warner)


The English Teacher (New Video Group)

Super Buddies (Disney)


Frankenstein’s Army (MPI)


Chasing Ice (New Video Group)


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Robert Crawford

Dec 9, 1998
Real Name
We're trying to get the Blu-ray listings posted at the top of the forum pages, but due to some technical difficulties, this Preorder Blu-ray thread will have to do, until those issues are resolved.

Robert Crawford

Dec 9, 1998
Real Name
For the most part, I usually don't list a title on the Preorder List until I get a link to order it. However, due to a PM I received from another member, I'm wondering if I should just list any title that has a future release date, with or without a link to order it?
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Who do we think I am?
Dec 1, 1999
Gulf Coast
Real Name
Tony D.
Robert my two cents would be that I would appreciate the list to include titles even if they don't have a preorder link.Also will you pin this?

Robert Crawford

Dec 9, 1998
Real Name
TonyD said:
Robert my two cents would be that I would appreciate the list to include titles even if they don't have a preorder link.Also will you pin this?
We think we have a fix, so hopefully today, we'll be updating the top of each forum page with a link to the listings.

Also, I already updated the listing to be posted later with titles that don't have a preorder link yet.
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Robert Crawford

Dec 9, 1998
Real Name
The Blu-ray Preorder Listing is now linked at the top of each forum page. We're still tryiing to work on some technical issues regarding the previously released listings, but once those issues are resolved, there will be links to those listings too. Thank you for your patience. Also, let me know if I missed some information on any title. Thank you.

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