Pioneer VSX60 HDMI Switching problem

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by ChipHN, Nov 15, 2013.

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    Hi - I'm hoping some forum members who have experience with Pioneer's VSX60 can offer some assistance.
    (I've already searched thru the forum for similar posts without luck)

    My problem is glitchy / inconsistant HDMI switching.

    I have it connected to my Samsung PN64D7000 plasma.
    All devices are on updated firmware. HDMI cables are all 1.4 "Monster" brand.

    My Apple TV is the only device that switches properly (image + sound after selecting input).

    All other devices (Sony BDP-CX960, Tivo Premiere, XBOX 360) require special steps to work after selecting their input:

    Tivo Premiere (select input, power off receiver / power back on ... image + sound after receiver power up)

    Sony BDP-CX960 (keep Blu-ray powered off until input is selected, then power it up. No image/sound if BDP is powered on when that input is selected on the VSX60)

    XBOX 360 (Select input, wait to hear XBOX startup sound, select adjacent receiver input, then jump back to XBOX receiver input)

    The work-arounds are annoying, but the final straw came after upgrading my TiVo to the new "Roamio Plus". The VSX60 doesn't like it at all.
    I've had to plug the Roamio directly to another HDMI input on the TV (works fine). I send audio to the receiver via TOSLINK.

    Has anyone had issues like this and resolved them?
    I tried connecting VSX60 to another TV and the issue followed it (absolving my Samsung 64")

    Otherwise, I'll take advice for receivers that have more solid HDMI switching (in the $600-700 range).

    Thanks for taking the time to look at my post!
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    It sounds like you didn't unplug everything from the wall(power) before you connected in the AVR.

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