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    I recently bought a Mitsubishi WS-65411 & it has PIP. I have never had a TV with this feature before so it is rather new to me.

    My question is: Do you have to have another tuner/vcr hooked up to get separate PIP off cable? I have tried hooking it up every way possible thru the digital cable box & the TV but even though I have the cable box running thru a component input & another one thru a coaxial, they will still only run the same channels together.

    My guess is that I will have to hook up a VCR in this area (I was really looking forward to being without one) but I wanted to get any & every opinion before I drag the dinosaur down & hook it up. Thanks.
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    You need to split the cable before you feed it to the cable box and route one leg through it and the other one directly to the ant2 input of your tv if it has it.
    Unfortunately, this will only allow you to see basic cable on one of the inputs but that is an inherent disadvantage of cable boxes and statellite tv.
    The tv cannot decode the scrambled channels as the cable box does.
    You would need an additional cable box to watch all the cannels on both pictures.


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