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Personal DVD player...or just get a TV? (1 Viewer)


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Jan 27, 2003
Has anyone used one of these players? I am thinking of getting one for when I go over my girlfriends place. She doesn't care about tv, so she only has a tv (with basic cable) in the living room. When I am there, she spends most of her time reading in bed and hates when I sit on the couch and watch tv (I bring my DVD's over to watch there).

She has been talking about getting a TV for the bedroom (to which I'd bring my spare DVD player over), but I saw some cheap players at Wal-Mart and started doing some research...So what do you think, are the portable players really worth it (and if so, which one?) or should I just use the money to buy a $250 TV?

Obviously I don't want to spend more than $250 on one of these since I'd rather buy a laptop (with a DVD player) if I'm spending $500+

p.s. Through my Amex-Ex rewards, I've saved enough points to get this player, but I've never heard of Axion:

Allan Jayne

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Nov 1, 1998
About these portable 7 inch or so DVD players with screen, it is the convenience factor you need to consider. The portable would be useful in the car also. Also some of them may not have a full 480 scan line screen, and you would need either a magnifying glass or the AVIA test disk to verify that.

YOu would want to check the picture quality both in a darkened room and in a lighted room. Some LCD screens look washed out in a darkened room as a result of limited contrast ratio where blacks are not all that black.

In favor of a regular TV is a bigger screen. As a general rule you should not buy a TV unless it has at least two composite jacks as well as S-video. Many sets with just one of each kind of jack (and one pair of audio jacks not counting outputs) can only have one thing (DVD player or VCR or game) plugged into the back at any given time.

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