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PB2-ISD or PC-Ultra? (1 Viewer)

Jan 26, 2004
Hello All,

I have emailed SVS and Erik gave me a choice between the PB2-ISD or the PC-Ultra. I have not demoed any SVS subs nor do I know of anyone that has one out here in Vancouver.
First of all, my hometheater room is 16 x 16 x 9ft.
North wall is where I have my RPTV and A/V setup.
South wall perimeter has a solid banister, which
overlooks the dining room and living room downstairs.
This is also where I have my sofa right against the
banister. Opening is 6 X 16ft.
I use my A/V for 50/50
music and movies. But it is at music that I am really
pick about base quality, as I listen almost all types
of good music. On the other hand I want to experience
the sheer impact a sub has in movies. So simplified, I
want an awsome sub for everything you slap in its face
without it complaining!
I live in Canada and to ship the PB2-ISD would cost $205 and the PC-Ultra would cost $69.15. So there is just a $100 difference between the two subs total price with shipping. Which one would be a better buy? I hope you guys can help me decide...




Second Unit
Jan 28, 2003
Onething you might consider is your future plans.
Are you going to want to add another sub and would you most like want to go with the the line SvS driver?

Having had numerous SvS subs you simply can't go wrong. Prior to getting dual PCUs I was running dual PB2+. The ultras provide more than ample slapping when I want it. they also provide some awesome bass to complete the audio spectrum.

My opinion PCU. This will do 2 things, all you to sleep at night because you won't be wondering if you should have gone with the PCU and 2 provide you with an upgrade path without a dramtatic increase in floor space. 2 PCU have jsut about the same footprint as a PB2, taking into account for the distance the ports are from the wall
Jan 26, 2004
Hi Scott,

Thanks for the reply!
You made 2 good points about the PCU. The upgrade factor of the PCU seems to be the best considering two of them has almost the same footprint as one PB2. And you can place it closer to the corner without having to worry about port clearance. I'am leaning towards the PCU but I've been reading in the net about an upgraded version of the PCU with a better EQ. And also would they be making the PCU just like to SS with wood laminate instead of fabric?....MMmmm with all these upgrades I want it will most certainly have a higher price!...Mmm deeeep thoughts.....

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