Paradigm seismic 110 or definitive supercube reference

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Arun Thomas Abraham, Jun 1, 2013.

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    The PB12 Plus/2?

    That doubles the chances for vibration. The driver is the TC Sounds db500 (db for Deon Bearden, the designer) Moving mass of each driver is 102.7859g. Even though xmax isn't listed here, it's right around 20mm each way. Let's say you have a 30hz tone that pushes the driver to the excurson limits. That means there are 200g of weight moving 40mm, stopping, reversing motion, moving 40mm, stopping, reversion motion, moving 40mm, wash, rinse repeat. 30 times every second. That is a lot of kinetic energy every second.

    Since yours is downfiring, that will lift the cabinet ever so slightly each time. Your subdude cushions the blow each time the cabinet weight is put back down on the floor.

    Those are great subs. I built a pair of passive cylinder subs using the SVS Plus drivers that I picked up on the used market. I traded them to a guy for a custom built TC Sounds based 18" driver.
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    Yeah that's my one, they are great subwoofers, i think when i bought mine they had a slight upgrade to the drivers so they might be db500.1 or db500.2, i wish SVS would go back to producing more ot this type of subwoofer although i have heard their current ones are still excellent.

    I have never noticed it lifting off the ground at all, if it does then it's invisible to the naked eye, it has to be millimetres only and these cabinets are built like tanks, really solid, the isolation platform i built makes a difference, bass isn't coming so heavy through the ceiling to the floor below, mind you it's still loud as i like to play near reference levels.

    :EDIT: Just noticed from the link you supplied they do still sell this although it's B stock.
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    i have ordered the def. supercube reference. thanks for all your inputs . svs doesnt have any dealers here ,else i would have taken it ,and even if there is a complaint ,its impossible to repair it . so hopefully i will get one svs for my home in india as the have a dealer there .
    i believe definitive will be a good upgrade since i am using a package sub called pro monitor 600 which is 250w ordinary sub .

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