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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by SethOakley, Dec 17, 2003.

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    Dec 3, 2003
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    I currently have a pair of Paradigm Monitor 7 speakers, with the CC370 Center Channel powered only with a Denon 2803. My dad just received his set of Axiom M22ti (bookshelf) speakers the other night and he came over to set them up at my house so that we could compare. To me, the difference between my speakers and his was simply the fact that mine was “supposed” to have more lower frequencies? However, without my subwoofer turned up, my monitor 7’s don’t seem like they do much of the low end. His M22ti’s sounded awesome, and he paid 350 for them. They also don’t do anything for the low end, but they don’t claim to either. Is there the possibility that I’ve hooked something up wrong, or am I just stuck with the fact that my Monitor 7’s are just not that great?

    Should I bi-wire? Who knows, just kind of disappointed in what I heard. Thanks Dad!
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    I have been pointing people towards Axiom ever since I compared them to my Paradigm Monitor setup. I also say that the 5s are as good as the 7s, if not better, when integrated properly with a sub. The 7s are easily better for music than the 5s by themselves though. Unfortunately, for less $$, the Axioms will best the Monitor Series to my ears.

    Bi-wiring will not change the sound of the speakers, and unless you have the additional channels to do this, you are not gaining anything.
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    I am not gonna say one speaker is better than the other.
    I am not gonna say the 7 is the end all.
    I am gonna say that placement could be a major factor here.
    I have the monitor 7's and in my room, if I set them to large, I turn off my sub as I don't need it for most material.
    My friend has them in his house and he has less lower end output. Our rooms are way different. They also are positioned a little different as far as wall to wall placement so I think it just depends on room, furniture, proximity to boundarys. I have had more than one friend walk up to the sub to see if it was really off.
    Check your placement, and your speaker settings (crossover points, if applicable)
    IMHO these spks can put out subsantial bass.
  4. Owen Bartley

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    I know it seems simple, but also make sure the mains are set to 'large' or 'full range' on your reciever, and make sure you aren't running them through a crossover on your sub or anything. Full range those should have a good amount of bass.

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