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Rick Faldo

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May 10, 2002
Anyone have any educated opinions on the match up between a Parasound 2205 vs. the new Outlaw 770 amp? Other than the two extra channels in the Outlaw that is. I will be driving Polk LSi speakers which likely go under 4 ohms at times, so the more power the merrier. I will be using my Integra receiver as a pre at least until the next upgrade. Just seems the Outlaw at $200 less than the Parasound and two more channels, is a no brainer. That's why I am asking, is there something I am missing?
Thanks for your input


Jun 19, 2002
First, try to find a Parasound used. You should be able to find one for less than 1300. I do have a parasound 2205 now (sitting in the corner not being used) compare to my new amps (rogue magnum M120) they are very close. the only difference is that the rogue has a bigger and more focused sound stage and a bit more musical. I can say the parasound at about half the cost of the rogue is 90% there. I love the parasound so much that I hate to sell it. It is sitting in the corner so maybe one day I decide to change the HT from receiver to pre/pro and use the parasound for the rear channels. Also the parasound has a 10 year warranty and no fan. running for hours on the amp does not even get warm.

PS I have not heard the Outlaw but there is a review of the parasoud comparing with ATI and Proceed on one of the magazines on the web.


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Jan 26, 2003
I have not heard the Outlaw personally, but it was one of the amps I considered while researching the net for a few months... in the end I got the Parasound largely because a used deal came along (I'd been eyeing deals on Parasound and Rotel). The Parasound is simply a higher quality unit according to most people. Outlaw seems good, yes, but they've had several problems in their short history that make brands like Parasound more attractive to me. The 2205 is a very tried and true model! It is well designed, and has waaaay more power than you'll need for the LSi's. It screams quality when you see it- this thing is HEAVY and runs very cool without fans. Also, LSi users at the polk audio forum strongly recommend Rotel and Parasound with the LSi. I have already got a 2205 and 1500 from Parasound (7 channels total), and will be ordering my LSi15/C/9 setup soon! I had a good audition of the LSi a few weeks ago, they're very nice speakers. Best of luck.

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