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Outlaw amp vs what I have now (1 Viewer)


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Dec 11, 2001
Background. First let me say that I'm fairly happy with the sound of my current setup. But it's been a while & I'm getting the itch to change things up.

Current setup:

Speakers - Paradigm Studio v2, 100's, CC, ADP's, Studio 20's
Amps - Front: Acurus A200x3, Sides: Parasound HCA1000A, Rears: Audiosource Amp Two
Pre/Pro - Outlaw 1050 with the internal amps powering my multi-zone system through a speaker switch box

I'm leaning towards replacing the 1050 with an Outlaw 990. Here are the two amplification scenarios I'm considering.

1) Replace all the amps with the Outlaw 7700. I'd probably keep the Audiosource to power the multi zone system through the 990's zone 2 output.

2) Keep the Acurus & get an Outlaw 7125 for the sides & rear. Use the extra 3 channels on the Outlaw to power some bass shakers & the multi zone system.

Primarily I'm looking for feedback on the sound of the Outlaw 7700 vs the Acurus. I know several here have or had the Acurus & I'm hoping for some comparisons. Couple of things to note. I like to "rock out" regularly. I definately need the extra power from the Acurus or 7700 for the front soundstage. My cable runs are fairly short, but if I get the 7700 I am planning on using the balanced connections.

So, is the 7700 a step up from the Acurus, step down, sideways move?

Thanks for any input.



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Feb 7, 2004
I doubt you'd notice any difference between your current amps and the outlaw. If you did, it'd be very slight and probably not enough to make you feel satisfied with the cash you paid out.

Tom Donaghue

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Aug 18, 2005
I'm in agreement w/Mackie on this one, Dave. While the Outlaw 7700 may possibly provide ever so slightly more robust power (if any), it will have very little effect on the overall sound of the components you'd mentioned.

If anything, the 990 pre would likely give you much more noticable difference than the 1050 and if you're satisified w/your Paradigms (which I assume you are w/the V2 100s :cool: ), the processor is going to have the next largest impact on any noticable changes within your system. -T

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