One Six Right -- Great HD DVD Demo Disc!


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May 19, 2001
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Bob Lindstrom
If you're looking for HD's fabled 3D effect, this is the disc. It's a wonderful 73-minute documentary about flying--based around the people, planes and operations of the Van Nuys airport.

But for HD DVD fans, it's also a stunning demo disk. The aerial photography is outstanding. So much of the aerial footage has that "oh my god!" HD quality: sharply detailed and strikingly dimensional. There are many wonderful historic vehicles featured and, in many shots, it truly looks like the wings and tails of the planes are going to pop through the screen.

I watched it on my front projector and the imagery -- shot entirely on HD -- was incredible. Plus, the HD DVD disk has hi-def 1080p special features including some heart-stopping footage of stunt flying, both inside and outside the cockpit.

I would have missed this release entirely if a friend hadn't turned me on to it. I think it's currently available only from the director's website:

This one is going right on top of the stack of my HD DVD demos.

Ian Currie

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Oct 1, 2002
It *might* be available from Amazon. They have the regular DVD version released in 2005 and another one with sketchy details released last month - which has some description that includes "high-definition".

Although the format still says DVD, I think it's a mistake because the price is the same as on the director's site (24.95 versus 19.95).

I ordered it (took the chance - Amazon is good at returns) since I have free shipping with Amazon..... only 1 left in stock I think now though.

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