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  1. Ted Lee

    Ted Lee Lead Actor

    May 8, 2001
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    think psycho meets mouse hunt meets the birds meets hamlet.

    just got back from seeing this. i was pleasantly surprised.

    this movie is all about crispin glover. he does a wonderful job of being the near lunatic without going over the top. in a way he played it pretty straight, but with plenty of scary charisma and sincerity.

    the set design is wonderful, especially of the house, which sort of has it's own life.

    the supporting cast (all bazillion of them [​IMG] ) are great. if you don't like rats, don't go see this. the two leads rats (socrates and ben) have their own personality and characterisic traits.

    i give this a solid B

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  2. Matt Stone

    Matt Stone Lead Actor

    Jun 21, 2000
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    I thought it was great too. I grew up on the original Willard and Ben, so I was first in line to see it yesterday.

    Also, as a huge Crispin Glover fan, I was very impressed. I liked the way he was able to play so subdued one minute and irate the next.

    All in all a quality film, and a ****/***** for me!
  3. Joshua_Y

    Joshua_Y Screenwriter

    Dec 19, 2002
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    I saw it yesterday and loved it...great flick...very funny....those little rats were so funny....Crispin was excellent as always...great score and cinematography...

  4. Robert Crawford

    Robert Crawford Moderator

    Dec 9, 1998
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  5. Sam Hatch

    Sam Hatch Stunt Coordinator

    Mar 22, 2000
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    Loved it as well! The perfect example of a 'B' movie done right. The campy tone, constant visual jokes ("Prudent Aggression"/the 'mouse' pad/"Numm Nuts"/"Big Ben" Clock) and sly references (Bruce Davison painting/Scully the cat) coupled with an exaggerated Hitchcock-meets-Tim Burton style made for a great ride. It's more creepy than scary, but I'm just fine with that.

    Right when I heard that R. Lee Ermey would be playing the role Ernest Borgnine essayed in the original, I knew I was in for a treat. Glover is great as he chews the scenery ('Tear it up!') and really pulls off a an accomplished portrayal of a sympathetic sociopath. The fact that his tale's augmented by strange, furry bedfellows makes it even more fun to watch.

    This thing's got 'cult' status written all over it! Now if only the other B-horror films take note and inject a little life into the genre instead of greenlighting 'Darkness Falls 2'!
  6. Alex Spindler

    Alex Spindler Producer

    Jan 23, 2000
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    Count me in as one who loved this film. This is everything a B horror movie remake should be. They found the perfect actor to play the part, cast it with great supporting players, and avoided playing it for laughs, but rather having some sincere black humor.

    Crispin Glover may have found the perfect role to break loose of George McFly in Willard Styles. He plays the nearly unhinged meekness to a 'T' and has an excellent rapport with his rat costars. Ermey is perfectly despicable as his boss who takes great relish in dressing him down.

    The rats themselves really steal the show. They imbue to the two lead rates with some great personality without breaking the boundaries and making them cartoonish. I found it impossible to tell the animatronic ones from the live rates, which is a credit to their special effects crew. There is only one particularly bad special effect scene which is showcased in the trailer (the opening elevator). Everything else is quite good.

    From a story and pacing standpoint, this remains true to the original with a long buildup. They take great pains to establish Willard and his life and showcase the excellent house that they have for him and his mother. Particularly interesting is how they manage to make the power struggle between Ben and Willard seem tangible and understandable. By all rights it should have been laughable, but I could see some real drama if Ben had been a human.

    As a PG13 movie, this joins The Ring as an example of how careful use of gore/special effects can work wonders and still make it mass marketable.

    I could sense that the audience I saw it with was hoping for another fast paced light horror film, so I don't think they enjoyed it as much as I had. Of course, I'm also pretty sure they had never even heard of the original, so they could only base their opinion on the trailer, which suggests that kind of film.

    I think the filmmakers should be proud of themselves by successfully offering an honestly good remake that is fresh and not condescending to the original. Excellent work.
  7. DavidAC

    DavidAC Stunt Coordinator

    Mar 23, 2001
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    Just got back from Willard, very fun movie, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Lot of memorable scenes and I also liked some of the shots they got on Willard that showed the depths of his madness. Crispin Glover was perfect as Willard. ****/*****
  8. Hunter P

    Hunter P Screenwriter

    Sep 5, 2002
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    I agree. Fun movie. It's not scary unless you already have an aversion to rats, lots of them. The movie was slow at spots but no big deal. Crispin is perfectly cast. Nobody can do facial expressions like him.

    I loved the image of rats pouring out of the elevator. Crispin never looked creepier.

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