No video from my WS TV.

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    May 24, 2002
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    I need some ideas....

    I have a Mits. WS-73903. I have not turned it on in three months. Today, to my horror, when I turned it on, I no longer have any picture.

    No on screen info comes up menu text, anything telling what input, ect. But I do get sound, that changes according to channel. So the tuner must be working.

    I've tried everything I can think of, but does anyone have any crazy ideas? It bothers me that I don't even get onscreen menu text.

    What are the odds that ALL THREE CRT's went out? What are they, $1000 each?

    I called mits, they told me it's a service call.

    Being an engineer, I don't like having people "work" on my stuff.
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