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No More Plugs! Advice Needed.

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Taylor Selden, Aug 5, 2001.

  1. Taylor Selden

    Taylor Selden Auditioning

    Oct 6, 1998
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    Too many devices
    Hello home theatre buddies. I have quite a conundrum on my hands and I was hoping for some help from those who probably have faced & resolved a problem just such as this. I finally have more devices than inputs on my receiver / TV.
    Let me show you what I need to have going into my receiver:
    ·DVD 1 (Toshiba Progressive Scan DVD Player) *
    ·DVD 2/VCD (Lower-end Region Free / Macrovision Free Player, used only for DVDs/VCDs I buy when abroad) *
    ·DirecTV *
    ·CD Player *
    ·MD Player *
    ·HTPC *
    ·Sony Playstation 2 *
    ·Upcoming MS X-Box *
    ·Upcoming Nintendo Gamecube *
    * Indicates a digital (optical/coaxial) input needed.
    In addition, all devices (with the exception of the CD/MD) need to have video headed for my TV, which has only 3 component inputs (not cool), and the rest Svideo – not enough, in any case.
    I’m thinking it may be time to replace my receiver (see link) because it simply doesn’t have the inputs – plus it is probably the weakest component of my system. Are there any receivers/pre-amps out there that can handle that many inputs?
    Also, perhaps what I should be doing is using a video processor and delivering all the video to it – and then just delivering one video signal to my 65 inch Mitsubishi HDTV (supports 1080i, but not 720p). Is an external doubler going to do better than my MITS’ internal one?
    Anyone have any ideas how to help my struggling home entertainment center here? Any help or links to products that may help would be appreciated?
  2. Nicholas A. Gallegos

    Nicholas A. Gallegos Stunt Coordinator

    Jun 19, 2001
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    First of all, do you really need 3 gaming consoles hooked up at the same time? Most receivers handle game consoles through front-panel auxiliary video inputs, anyway. If you don't mind simply swapping cables for your gaming consoles from the front panel, might I suggest the Yamaha HTR-5280 (RX-V800 from some vendors). This receiver has an unusual amount of inputs for its price level (about $600 tops if you get it online).
    Your setup would look like this on it:
    DVD: DVD1 (optical provided)
    DTV/LD: DVD2 (optical provided)
    DirecTV: CBL/SAT (optical d. coax provided)
    ReplayTV: VCR2
    CD Player: CD (d. coax provided)
    MD Player: MD/TAPE (optical I/O provided)
    HTPC: CDR perhaps?? (optical I/O provided)
    Game consoles: V-AUX (yes, an optical is provided on the front panel)
    The RX-V800 has significantly more inputs than the STR-DE945 and looks like you'll just barely have enough. I hope you don't mind having to swap gaming consoles because you'd be hard-pressed to find a receiver that can accomodate ALL of your equipment at once.
    The RX-V800 has 100W/ch. RMS, Dolby Digital and DTS decoding, a 6.1 matrix decoder, 24/96 DACs on all channels, discrete circuitry, 5.1-ch. preouts, etc. Nice receiver; I like mine [​IMG]
    Yamaha RX-V800 AV Receiver
    [Edited last by Nicholas A. Gallegos on August 06, 2001 at 05:28 AM]
  3. DaveF

    DaveF Moderator

    Mar 4, 2001
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    Catfisch Cinema
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    Your list requires nine video inputs and eight digital audio inputs. I have no idea if there are receivers or switchers than have that many inputs. So here's an alternate idea, for the video at least.
    Like the Yamaha previously recommended, the Onkyo 696 has five video inputs, including 2 component in (but no front panel inputs).
    It looks like your equipment might have redundancies. For example: you've got a prog-scan DVD player and a HTPC. Wouldn't the HTPC replace your prog-scan DVD? That's one less input.
    And is ReplayTV one of the TV recorders? If so, wouldn't it need the DirecTV signal? So you could run the DirecTV signal through the ReplayTV and from there into the TV. Another input removed.
    Also, is the SVHS still needed with DVD and ReplayTV? Unless you watch pre-recorded tapes, perhaps that could also be removed.
    Also, your TV has 3+ inputs, and the VCR also has at least one SVHS input.
    So, perhaps DVD/HTPC, region-free DVD, and ReplayTV (with DirecTV) go into TV's component inputs (and their audio outs connect directly to receiver).
    The three game consoles could then be routed via the receiver video in/outs.
    And the SVHS, extra DVD or HTPC are removed from the mix.

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