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Jun 10, 2018
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marky sparky
I'm after a bit of advice on buying a new home theater system.
My knowledge is fairly basic on the subject, so please excuse any incorrect technical terms etc below!

Excluding the Bluray player which I will sort out later, I'm after advice on which make / model amplifier to go with, and the same with the speakers. My budget for the amplifier and speakers is £800 - £1000. I can increase budget a bit more if there is a massive advantage to.

I've started to have a look online at amplifiers and a lot of people tend to recommend Yamaha or Denon, with Yamaha appearing to be slightly more reliable. Would this be a fair statement?

Here's some answers for things that may help in helping me,
One this that it must have is the ability to passthrough and play DTS sound from an MKV or MP4 file, I have burned my Bluray collection to MKV format and kept the DTS soundtracks, my last system would not passthrough DTS (even though it played DTS sountracks on the bluray disc).
I would also like it to play Atmos and HD-MA, & TrueHD if possible.
I have a Samsung TV with ARC, I only need to plug a Bluray and Sky receiver into amplifier.
I live in a detached house, so volume is not an issue.
The speakers don't have to be wireless, unless there is a benefit (I have speaker wires pre built into the walls).

Thank you in advance for any time spent on this, any advice is helpful!


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Jun 20, 2000
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Just a few initial comments. If you want to actually be able to play back Atmos with all the benefits, which means a bare minimum of 5.1.2 and as much as 7.1.4, you'll need to increase your budget significantly. £800 will barely get you the receiver, let alone the speakers, to play back 7.1.4. Playing back MKV files with full quality surround will be up to your Blu Ray or network media player, not the receiver. That probably won't be cheap either. The cheapest current player I know of in the US that plays back those files with any audio format is the Oppo UDP-203, which costs $550 alone. I use the previous BDP-103 to play back MKV with any format surround, including Atmos/DTS:X from a usb connected HD. Your regular players don't do that. Others will have to give advice on network media players which can do it, because I don't know about those.

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