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Discussion in 'New Member Introductions' started by joedaddy5771, Oct 24, 2013.

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    Well just signed up but I have been looking at this forum for a while. I just replaced a 12 year old HT. It was nice when I bought it. Denon receiver, Infinity speakers, all 5 were the same and a Klipsh 12" subwoofer all of them were a nice group together and served me well for many years. I did a lot of researcher before I bought anything, to me that's part of the fun. I knew that the sound would be better and I would like all the new features and had high hopes but OMG what I was missing out on. I place some of my choices on what I could find at a good price along with some things bought on Craigslist. The only limitations I had was my wife did not want floor speakers, we don't have that big of a room. Happy wife is a happy life. I will have many questions and look forward to posting them soon. Here is my setup, tell me what you think. I do listen to allot of music as well.

    Pioneer SC-71

    2x Definitive technology XTR-50 for my fronts. I got a great deal on 3 from a Hi-Fi store as demos. Need to sell one.

    Definitive Technology CLR 2500, got on craigslist new in box. I was going to use the 3rd XTR-50 as a center but found this and love it.

    Definitive Tech BP2X for the back

    Oppo 103

    Vincent Audio C-35 Tube CD player

    I am still using my old sub. I have been looking at SVS and read good things about them thinking SVS PC12, not sure witch one yet. I like them and think I will do 2 subs when I do.

    Thank you for reading my 1st post. I will be active on this sight
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    Steve Tannehill
    Welcome! Glad you're here!

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