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Need info/help about HDTV over cable providers (1 Viewer)

Jesse H

Apr 24, 2003
I have finally taken the plunge (again), and after parting with my Sony Wega 36" XBR450 about 1.5 years ago, have a Panasonic PT53WX42 on its way to me :)

The set does not have a built in HD decoder, and I am wondering if I get digital cable (only 2 channels in HD currently) if they will supply me with a STB that will decode HD, or will I still need to have something on my own feeding through their STB ? Only option at the moment, is Comcast in Seattle, WA (which I probably wont do, only HBO and Showtime in HD as of now).

I really want to get local channels in HD, particularly for the NBA playoffs and sports. I live on the top of an 18 story building, but dont have a balcony, so very limited access as to putting an antenna somewhere (although I do face South which is what I've been told I need). My concern with that is I got very poor reception with a decent standard TV antenna before I got cable, so dont know if I'll have better luck with an HD antenna.

Anyone in downtown Seattle know ? Any input about the HD cable situation appreciated as well.


Dave Milne

Supporting Actor
Jul 2, 2001
This should probably be in the "sources" forum... but here's my $.02:

The STB from the cable company will decode HD. Now, they will probably charge you extra for this. In Phoenix, cable HD subscribers were required to buy the new box... a nifty $500. accessory that will be obsolete in three years!

I don't know about the reception situation in Seattle... but don't hold your breath for local HD on cable. Cable companies, like satellite companies, are convinced that subscribers would rather have four or five additional standard def channels than one additional HD channel. :angry: Comcast in Tucson has

no plans to offer any channels in HD.

At least you have the option of OTA HD. Only one station (PBS) in Tucson is broadcasting HD. The others have been stalling repeatedly and are probably still six months away. :angry: :angry: :angry:

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