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Need help in choosing a Projector. Opinions and recommendations appreciated (1 Viewer)


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Apr 8, 2002
After spending about two weeks and many hours online researching and comparing while trying to figure out what plasma to get, I am too exhausted and worn out to do the same with regards to a new projector, so I would appreciate it if y'all could help point me in the right direction. I will lay out some needs and questions, and hopefully you can all point me in the right direction

-First of all, the projector is mostly gonna be used in my bedroom as a night time viewing tv. Secondary uses will be for viewing pictures and other stuff as large format multimedia slideshows, and projecting other images and graphics onto surfaces for presentations. Therefore, image quality does not need to be reference, and the projector does NOT need to be High Def or High Res. 800x600 or a comparable resolution will do.

-I will be using this projector through component for TV viewing and through the regular RGB for computer usage. I know that some projectors do not come with Component inputs, but one can hook up component to the computer RGB using a breakout cable with little to no effect to image quality. Would I be better off just purchasing the breakout cable and not worrying about having to find a projector with a component input, thus expanding my choices, or is component really an absolute necessity for a projector?

-I know that right now the most popular types of projectors are either DLP or LCD based. Is there any reason to pick one over the other? I now of screen door and rainbow effects with both, but are there any other reasons why one should pick one over the other?

-In terms of requirements for the projector, they are (in descending order of importance):
*Cost ($500 or less used, $1000 or less new)
*Bulb Life
*Lens Throw (shorter is better)
*Ease of use and setup
*Features (3:2 pulldown, image size and control features, connectivity, remotes, etc"
*Image fidelity (film-like or life-like image)
*Physical Size (smaller is always better)

-Since I will mostly be using this projector for 4:3 viewing (regular tv, computer stuff), would I be better off getting a 4:3 aspect ratio projector, or do 16x9 aspect ratio projectors do OK with 4:3 material? Or do the wide aspect ratio projectors put "gray bars" on the side of the 4:3 image like most plasmas do?

-If I could garner some opinions on some of the units that I am considering right now, I would greatly appreciate it
*Infocus 4805 ($1100 new/ $800 used)
*Epson Powerlite S1+ ($750 new, $550 used)
*HP VP6111 ($825 new/ $600 used)
*InFocus X2 ($800 new/ $675 used)
*Epson Home 10+($950 new/ $750 used)

Thanks again, guys, and I eagerly await your responses. Please help point me in the right direction, and hopefully I can get the ball rolling on which unit to get.

Mike Wladyka

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Jul 24, 2003

not really, both are good. some people like one over the other. DLP has better blacks, LCD you will get more resolution for less $$. Both have pros and cons.

I am not up on the current models and such, but if you are going to use it for tv I would recommend something with a good deinterlacer, such as Faroudja.

Jim Mcc

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Feb 11, 2004
Oconomowoc, WI.
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I agree that you should get a 4:3 projector. I have the Infocus X1 and it's great. But it's not a short throw projector. I would recommend the Epson Home 10+. What is your throw distance and desired screen size?


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Apr 8, 2002
The distance from projector to screen is either going to be about 10' or 6' (depending on where I set it up). I would like to have a screen size of at least 60" diagonal with either distance.

Are there other recommendations that any of you would like to throw out? Any make/model that seems to consistantly put out nice projectors? I am leaning towards LCD, since they seem to give better value for the money in the feature set that I want. Thanks again

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