my tv will not stay on!!!! grrr

Discussion in 'Displays' started by shaybear1578, Jan 24, 2013.

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    i have a mitsubishi 60 in it will not stay on,some days its fine some days its bad. it turns off a amber light blinks some times for 2 or 3m and sometimes for over a hour. when it stops blinking i turn on the tv,sometimes its works fine but most of the time the screen will not turn on but the sound is on then the tv will turn blue the turn off right away. i have unplugged it.moved it dusted but nothing works! what should i do?:huh:
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    Sounds like either... 1. The power supply is taking a dump. (not cheap) 2. One of the caps that relays power off the supply is in the early stages of blowing. (not cheap either...but cheaper than a power supply) It is fixable provided you don't wait till the PS completely dies...or if it is a cap...till the cap finally does pop and takes everything "else it is associated with" out.

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