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Calvin Watts III

Supporting Actor
Mar 7, 2001
The subject might have not come across as exactly what I wanted to say,but....what I mean is if you controlled what Sony,Microsoft & Nintendo does,what would you highlight,or change,in order to make that system sell?
Well here are my two cents:
If I controlled Nintendo , I would make sure that my third party software makers are happy. The more people that see a different variety of games coming out, the more people will be interested in that system.
Also,I would have more mature games on the Gamecube. Nintendo is still seen at the kids' machine,and while they should do everything to keep that market,showing the "older" gamers that games they want will be on the Cube, that gives it that extra push that it will need in the coming years. (Having the Resident Evil series exclusive to the GC is a big step in the right direction)
If I were Microsoft, I would drop those bulky controllers in a nanosecond,and make then somewhat smaller. Why,you ask? Because I think that only marketing primarily to the 18-24 year old male is a mistake. Has anyone looked at Shrek? From what I have seen, it looks like a Spyro clone. Now,the Spyro games are awesome,but they are aimed at the younger market. Now, all of you Xboxers,ask yourselves this: Is Shrek on your must buy list??
If you make the controllers smaller,therby making it easier for smaller hands to hold, AND you make some games for the younger crowd...Then you have a system that a whole family could use & love...and Microsoft needs every advantage it can get.
Lastly,highlight the things that the Xbox can do.Hype the HD at every opportunity...the more I think about it,ripping my own songs and putting them into a game sounds better & better.Things like that...also being a little humble wouldn't hurt either.
As for Sony, Humility is something they need a bit of. I'd take a good look at what they have to offer,and make some changes right away. Making the SRP $249.99 just before Thanksgiving would be huge.
Hype the large PSone library. The PS2 is easily the system that offers the most to everyone..at the moment...I'd use that to my advantage.Also make sure the "hardcore" gamers are happy...(I can tell you,I am in 7th heaven playing GTA3,Extreme G-3,& Devil May Cry right now...) Give them what they are looking for.
This last thing is aimed at all of the big three...
IMHO...I wouldn't put all,or most for that matter,of my eggs into online gaming.
The PS2 will use a HD,keyboard/mouse,LCD screen,and a dual modem adaptor for this. They are all add-ons,which historically Do Not Sell. The dual speeds will not help,either...(DC lag,anyone?) It could work,if someone did a package deal to get a lot of HD's into people's homes. (FF 11 would be a good idea...)
The GC is planning to also have dual modem connectors,hence the same problem. Also,having no hard drive to save new levels & the like hurts.
The Xbox has the best setup for online gaming.This is good. Also using only broadband is good,with everyone more or less,operating at the same speeds.But herein is the problem..broadband is still too limited in use to be commerically viable for everyone to use. The prices are too high,and not so affordable to your average family..at the present time.
Eventually,broadband will be in more homes...but will that be too late for these current systems?
So..there ya go.
Comments are welcome,but I am also interested to know what you would do as well.
Hopefully this will be interesting :)
"Never give up!!! .......... Never surrender!!!!!!!!!."


Senior HTF Member
Dec 3, 1999
If I controlled any of those companies I'd hire all (most :)) of you guys.
Nintendo: Calvin hit the nail on the head. I'd like to see Miyamoto (sp?) do a more mature game. I'm a bit concerned with some of the Nintendo-owned second parties. We've seen very little from Rare...they've got to be HUGE for Gamecube to really take off. Starfox looks good but people expect more from them.
Microsoft: I like M's approach at marketing toward older gamers. I also think the big controller is very comfortable. I don't, however, think the launch line-up is very impressive. It's very similar to the PS2's mediocre launch titles. I don't see a system seller in the bunch (despite the fact that I'm buying Xbox just for Halo).
Sony: Yea, they certainly do seem arrogant. But they're number one and they have a wicked Q4 software line-up. They have nothing to worry about this year. I wouldn't make a change (except maybe to promote Wipeout Fusion more!!).
Online: I won't play unless it's free (a la battle.net). I hope that statement from a fairly hard core gamer scares these companies.
Modems and broadband adapters ought to be cheap. I mean, I can pick up a PC ethernet card or 56k modem for $5.00 (check Pricewatch). If Nintendo and Sony get smart they'll drive the cost down to ~ $20 and you may see an accessory that doesn't fail (assuming they provide great online content).

Morgan Jolley

Senior HTF Member
Oct 16, 2000
I think Nintendo is fine as they are. I haven't seen a kids game made by Nintendo in a while with the words Mario or Zelda in the titles, and I haven't seen any announced. They might not be dark and scary, but that doesn't make them adult. Look at Conker's Bad Fur Day. Wasn't that a bright, cheerful type game on the most chidish console, along with swearing, violence, and crude behavior?
Nintendo's image is fine. I know many people who will play Mario and Zelda until they die, even if the games are bright. They are still fun and worth the money, and that is all that really matters. Nintendo made Pokemon, but that was because it was popular and got money, not because its part of their image.
If they wanted to do anything to get rid of that image, they should hype the more adult or teen games on their console. Eternal Darkness is a good looking one to hype. Maybe they could talk Rare into showing Perfect Dark Zero?
Sony should NOT lower the price of the PS2. They have sold pretty well (best Japanese console launch in units sold) and still sell relatively steady. If anything, they would want to sell more software than hardware. They would be happier with 15 million PS2 owners each owning 10 games than 20 million PS2 owners each owning 5 games.
Microsoft has to change their plan. Its getting old. Why? Because everyone knew what they were gonna do. They told us last December, then again in May, then again in August. We have been reminded over and over what their strategy is. Nintendo has none right now because they just want to get the console out, Sony doesn't really need one since they are in the lead, but MS needs one because they are the new guy. In the current economy in this situation, MS will probably lose because they are up against a one year lead and a huge fanbase (PS2 and GCN).

Joe Rigali

Oct 28, 2001
ok - Im gonna post this BEFORE I read the othert responses.
(Good topic BTW Calvin)
1. Sony
Just because your on top now - doesnt mean your gonna stay there. Your system (spec wise) is the weakest of the bunch. So you definetly need the killer apps. Securing Final Fantasy was a good move. But It needs exclusive games that can stand up to Nintendos and X-boxs. Get the hard drive out - and make it cheap. No more than $ 40 dollars for a 10 gig HD. And allow it to save games, and being able to rip music and play your tunes would be a cool feature. Online gaming is still in its infancy for consoles and it can go either way. Sega net is okay but remember the telegenesis? Either do it right or not at all. Figure out what the heck went wrong with 989 Studios. It used to churn out great games, but lately they have been very poor. And is it just me or did extermination seem like a very poor Code Veronica clone?
Where are the new and innovative games? Destruction derby was awesome in its inception, so was Wipeout, and Twisted Metal. Where is my Warhawk sequel? Give us some good games based on old licenses. Terminator and Robocop look great! I just hope they play well. Now - How about a Gi Joe game? Or a kick ass Star Wars game on a Sony system? Why does nintendo get Rogue Leader and we get Starfighter?
Drop your price down to 250 bucks now! Xboxes will be scarce this christmas and GCN is cheaper. So do the right thing and drop your price. At 250 PS2 will be a huge bargain. Now, drop your first batch on PS2 games to $17.95.
SSX, Madden 2001, Nhl 2001, Tekken Tag, DOA 2 hardcore, Smugglers Run, Midnite Club Racing - basically repackage them like a cd (cd cases I believe are cheaper to manufacture than DVD cases) or even use the cheap cardboard DVD cases and sell all of the launch titles for a cheap price.
Now, Package coupons in a new PS2 for 5 free DVD or game rentals from Blockbuster.
And lower the cost of Memory Cards - 20 bucks should work.
2. Nintendo
Great starting price
Ok whats the deal with no Mario game at launch? Luigi doesnt count. Why are you guys relying on Lucas Arts to sell your system? Where are the big 1st party launch titles that we expect? Get Zelda or Mario out SOON!!! One or the other it doesnt matter. And dont give me a Paper Mario or a Mario Party - I want Mario Cubed!
Get bigger mem cards. Didnt you learn anything from the small sega VMU's? EA shouldnt have to cut out a feature in thier game bc of a mem card issue.
Getting Resident Evil was a good step. But it takes more...
Get Soul Caliber 2 exclusively for a while, do a exclusive Sonic/Mario game. Do a grown up Link game. Not Zelda but Link. Get GTA3. Show us a mature side. Give us a game that we'll be scared to play (Silent Hill 2) or give us a feeling like we are in an epic war. Get a Medal of Honor game like Medal Of Honor: Normandy or something. Show us you can appeal to all gamers.
3. Xbox
Has the most potential and IMHO the easiest road to victory.
Microsoft can do the same thing that sony did - take the VG world by storm. Is Halo as good as Ive read? I hope so, it could take ai into a whole new level. Price is a little steep, but your getting alot for the $. They need to make killer games. Take it to the next level. Give us realism. Wow us with the next level of graphics and sound. Let anyone make a game for yor system. Sure youll have some crap, but then once an a while a games can come out of nowhere thats awesome. X-box has alot of catching up to do.
Use that marketing $ to give us something back. Every 10th xbox that sells on a certain day that person gets it free (like on March 15th). or something like that a day that is away from your usual release dates. Or put a Special Grren plastic X is some boxes and if yours has that box, then you get 3 free games. Would it interest you in buying one if you might get something free?
go crazy and do whats not the norm.

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