My SVS Subs are back!!!!!!

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  1. Greg Br

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    Dec 13, 2001
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    I want to thank everone who has helped me the last few days. I am sure my frustration was showing thru. I especially want to thank SVS Ron and Tom for all their help.
    I bought the SA-155 mini amp from radio shack today, after many girations of making sure the cables were hooked up correct. I hooked it all up, I did not even need to get my master volume to -50 before I knew that my little buddies were back.
    Just a small recap, I was running dual 20-39cs off of a sony 100 watt stereo receiver, it sounded great till the Sony crapped out. I ordered the Samson to go with my Yamaha receiver, well the results were not what they should be. I was able to calibrate to 75db's easily but the speakers could not push passed 90db's in major scenes, the only way they sounded good was to crank everything to max.
    I hooked everything up and what an unbelievable difference[​IMG]. I whent from having everything maxed for ok sound, to having calibrated on my sub level at -20(lowest) for awsome sound, I have the Samson on full gain and the mini-amp set to 4(out of 10). I have so much room to do whatever I want with the bass, really high calibrations, anything. Music sounds great without having to crank the master volume up to +10 over refernce, it sounds great at -10 from reference.
    I whent from 92db's on the T2 thx intro to a whopping 118db's[​IMG] [​IMG]
    There has been posts that if you can calibrate then this box will not solve the problem of low bass playback, I think that I can attest that for some reason this is not true. I was lucky I had used a previos amp so I had a good reference to how incredible a prodcuct this is and knew for a 100% certainty that there was a problem
    SVS subs rock but it is second to their customer service [​IMG]
    Greg Brown
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    Jeff Lam
    Glad you got it figured out Greg, What did I tell you. The Home theater receivers just don't have the juice to really get Pro amps cooking. Sure you can calibrate to reference but now you only have an extra 5db to play with till your sub level is at max. If you like to run your sub hot at all, you're out-a-luck.
  3. SVS-Ron

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    Jun 2, 2001
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    That's good news and another data point that indeed in some cases, output voltage of the receiver can be the culpret.

    One recommendation. That mini-amp is now putting out MASSIVELY more power than you need for what really amounts to a slight adjustment in voltage. To give you far more convenience and a safer overall level input to the Samson, I highly recommend you allow yourself SOME downward adjustment of the receiver's sub level. If it goes down to -20dB, then set it to -15dB or so (leave the Samson on max) and then turn your mini-amp down so that you get the nice bump in bass levels (remember I recommend you don't cook it more than +5dB till you are more comfortable with the subs).

    This way you can raise OR lower your subs a bit from the comfort of your chair, using your receiver remote.

    Don't forget to recalibrate all this with your SPL meter and test disk!

    Great news and thanks for troubleshooting your problem!

  4. Vin

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    Oct 23, 2000
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    Greg, glad to hear you got it all worked out! [​IMG] I can hear your subs rumbling from here! [​IMG]

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