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    My next dvd player purchase is the Philips Q50. This is the first time ive ever tested a Philips dvd player. This comes on the heels of my Kenwood DV-5700 review (in which the Secrets report that came out a few weeks after the review pointed out the same things I mentioned-I felt good about being close to the experts). Once again, I have most recently owned the Sony DVP-S700, Denon DVD-2800, Panasonic DVD-RP91, Toshiba 6200, Onkyo 939, and the Kenwood DV-5700.
    My current player is still the Panasonic DVD-RP91. After reviewing the Kenwood, I could not justify the extra cost because the picture is at best equal to the Panasonic DVD-RP91, plus the load time on the Kenwood is painfully slow (an understatement for dvd players at this stage), and the unit includes a terrible remote. I expected more for $1,200 since the best dvd player so far (in my opinion) the Panasonic can be purchased for under $500.
    Build Quality
    The Philips player is very sleek and thin. I love the gray color and the futuristic look of the unit. In short, I think the dvd player looks amazing. I have grown tired of the look of the Panasonic so the Philips is a welcome addition to my rack. The Philips has a different front display though. I think this could annoy some people since the time readout is not there. The Philips uses pictures to show how much time is left. The display issue is not major for me because my dvd player is behind my seating area and the time/chapter info is available at the push of a button. Also, the Panasonic only has total time elapsed so I have never really used the front display for much. This could cause a problem for those people who listen to music cd's, but I do not use my dvd player as a cd transport. I believe in one separate component for everything. Supposedly the Philips Q50 has a great cd transport, but I have not tested that as I am more of a videophile than an audiophile. The unit weighs about 7lbs, but it is so thin (heightwise) that im not surprised. It does not feel cheap at all to me even though it is light. Overall, the most important thing to me with a dvd player is picture quality so here we go.
    Picture Quality
    I am still using a two tv setup. My 73907 and the Cinema 13HD. The Philips looks very impressive although a little softer than the Panasonic at first. I played with a few settings and I think this player is a winner. The unit rarely if ever combs except on subtitles and the picture is wonderful on both my tv and projector. The disc access time is about the same as my Panasonic and much faster than the Kenwood DV-5700. Overall I think with my limited time that the picture is beautiful. There are two component input jacks on the back of this player so there is no way to toggle between the two via a switch or remote. Im not sure if both can be hooked together at the same time because I have not read through the instruction book fully.
    This player does not exhibit the chroma bug in progressive mode (which contrary to some opinions is truly a major problem) and the de-interlacing is excellent. I have heard the interlaced picture has some of the worst chroma bug ever, but I never use that for my movie viewing. (A side note-according to Philips there was a fix for all US Q50's shipped.) I havent tested this to verify the claim. The layer change is noticeable, but not overly long on the few discs I tried. The remote is
    decent although I prefer the Panasonic remote. It is much better than the Kenwood though which is not a major surprise as that is one of the worst remotes ever produces in my opinion.
    I think the Philips player is one to be reckoned with. I love my Panasonic DVD-RP91 and I think it is the current king of the hill, but for $500 with a sleek design and beautiful picture I think the Philips raises the bar slightly. I will put it through some more tests, but as of now I finally think I have a new dvd player. The picture is a tad better than the Panasonic DVD-RP91 and the Kenwood DV-5700. The only reason I would get the Kenwood is for the 400 disc capability, but if the access on that player is the same as the 5700 it could take years to access all 400 discs. Needless to say I have been one of the biggest backers of the Panasonic DVD-RP91 until now...
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    -Enter Q50-
    It was a deep dark night, the walls painted black.
    Crazy DVD-player buyin' Andrew unboxed his Philips DVD player and made some conections.
    Panasonic RP91 took his vitamins that morning so he would be charged for the race.
    They slugged it out, the vitamins failed, and to the victor went the spoils; Q50 is here to stay, and RP91 found a nice page in the Hardware FS section on the humble Home Theater Forum.
    The End
    ...or is it! muhahahaha!
    Good Review Andrew.
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    Can you upgrade the firmware yourself?
    I ask because I know of one popular brand which must be sent to their one, yes only one, service center in Atlanta to have the firmware updated if that becomes necessary. I had a friend complain bitterly and at length about it. On the other hand I read a note form a fellow who got a disk from Phillips and merely stuck it in the player, pushed a couple of buttons and Viola! ... firmware updated. No muss, no fuss. I then and there determined I would never again purchase a player if I could not update the firmware myself. My own cheap player requires an update as it will not play some disks and has problems with certain others. It just isn't worth upgrading. However, if I spend several hundred dollars for a quality unit I expect it to last a while and I expect to be able to upgrade the firmware. Information appreciated.

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