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    My 7 year old daughter has become a dvd fanatic. When we see a new movie that she likes. The first thing she asks is "When is the dvd coming out?". And when my mother-in-law bought her a vhs tape. She said she would rather have it on dvd. She even gets the whole WS vs. P&S battle. She wanted Snow Dogs. After telling her why I wasn't buying it she replied. "That is stupid to cut a picture up." And for what is is worth they have never ever complained about the "black bars" on the tv. And when her friends come over to watch a movie. Not one of them have ever complained about the bars. And finally, I bought a dvd burner to record my favorite shows. Let's just say she is burning more shows that me. She is excited that she has Lizzie McGiure & Kim Possible (2 Disney tv shows) on dvd.
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    Good to see a youngster on the right path for once [​IMG]
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    I also have an 8 year old daughter who refuses to watch Shrek in anything but OAR. She likes the "black bars" because that way she can see what is happening on the sides rather than it being cut and zoomed in on. Great kid! [​IMG]

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