Mits 46807 and overscan problem

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    I know I posted a message like this before but I just got Avia and can now see how much overscan I have, the 5% mark disappears on both sides. I would say there is about an inch of space on both sides before it would reach the 10 mark. I notice this overscan problem when watching movies like Batman Forever or Big trouble in Little China which have credits that go to the far left and right. My PROBLEM is I don't know how to adjust this problem on the tv. There doesn't seem to be a vertical or horizontal setting that I see that can be adjusted. Can anyone tell me EXACTLY what area to go to and what buttons to push to fix this problem.
    Thanks in advance for any help offered.
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    Dan, 5 percent overscan is pretty much the norm for tvs shipped from the factory, it seems. I don't know anything about Mits RPTVs but I would suspect that the variables you'll need to tweak are in the service level menu somewhere. Just remember that changing the overscan will most likely mean you'll need to check your geometry and convergence which can be thrown off when you start shrinking the screen size.
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    Try They have a large section on mitsubishi tweaks. Just search for overscan and you'll be sure to get a lot of info.

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