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MGM - Where's The Road Warrior Special Edition? (1 Viewer)

Apr 25, 2000
The "Mad Max: Special Edition" DVD was great in all catagories. After watching "The Road Warrior" DVD from Warner Bros. last night, released way back in 1997, I am wondering if this excellent action movie will ever see the SE treatment like the first film. It really needs one too. Not just for the extras, but the negative itself in desperate need of a major enhancement job done it. Too much grain in the images, as well as other problems here and there. As for supplemental material, similar or better items like those found on the "Mad Max: SE" would be perfect. Especially a documentary on just the stunt work, because I would really enjoy seeing how some of the very suicidal looking action scenes were performed without the stunt crew getting seriously hurt. MGM, not sure if you have the license to the film now or not (hopefully yes), please start working on the Special Edition for "The Road Warrior". If Warner still has the rights to the movie, then they need to do one a.s.a.p. And get Mel Gibson to come in for an audio commentary track, along with Virginia Hey (the warrior woman, but best known now as Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan from the Farscape TV series) and Emil Minty (the feral kid). Maybe even Bruce Spence (the Gyro Captain) and Vernon Wells (Wez the Killer Bandit) if they are available as well. Their vocal input would be very interesting to hear too.

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