Les Novices??

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Mark Zimmer, May 15, 2003.

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    Digital Eyes shows a 5/13 release date for Les Novices with Brigitte Bardot (but not in stock), and it doesn't come up on DVD Pricesearch or the other sites I checked. Anyone know if this is really coming out? Who's releasing it? Brigitte, mmm.
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    Pathfinder is releasing it (some of their DVDs are released late, which may be the case with this). Here are the details:

    -- Comedy
    NR/1970/91 minutes
    Pre-Order Date:,April 15; Street Date: May 13
    Label: Pathfinder Home Entertainment
    Cast: Brigitte Bardot, Annie Girardot
    Director: Guy Casaril

    Agnes, a nun (Bardot), follows the convent to the beach for a swim in the ocean. She soon abandons the group and takes off on an adventurous romp. When she meets Lisa (Girardot), a fun-loving hooker, she thinks that perhaps being a prostitute would better suit her. But after several hilarious mishaps as a "working girl" she realizes she must choose between a habit and high heels.

    DVD UPC# 825307-90509-0, CAT# PH 90509 - $19.98
    - French with English subtitles

    • Stars legendary French screen idol & international sex symbol Brigitte Bardot and Annie Girardot (The Piano Teacher)

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