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    Ronald Epstein
    Direct from Lasers Edge! (our sponsor)....

    Be aware Domestically it is FIRST CLASS MAIL (1-2
    discs) and PRIORITY MAIL (3 or more). Not MEDIA MAIL
    like some competitors use. Internationally it is
    WORLDMAIL, takes about 7-10 days.

    Special Spring Shipping Rates!

    In an effort to expedite the delivery of orders, we have instituted new
    shipping rates on domestic USPS and international Worldmail shipments.

    For a limited time is offering special shipping rates on
    domestic USPS and international Worldmail.

    All international Worldmail shipments will be charged a flat per disc rate
    of $3.00.

    Domestic USPS shipments will be charged a flat $1.50 per disc.

    For rate comparisons, please see the full Shipping Rates for your country.

    In an effort to expedite the delivery of your order, we have made the
    initial shipping rate and the per item rate the same. Therefore, we will
    ship you what we have available when you place your order (regardless of
    selection of "Ship Complete"), charging you only for the discs that ship and
    the corresponding shipping charges for that number of discs. All
    backorders/pre-orders will ship as they arrive in stock with applicable
    shipping charges.

    This method will allow us to ship your orders as quickly as possible without
    possible delays for out of stock items and with no added costs for
    subsequent shipments.

    Please support Lasers Edge as they support
    this forum! You have my personal promise that their
    service beats everyone else hands down!

  2. Todd Robertson

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    Dec 18, 2002
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    cool. I use this site like a madman! time for another order.
  3. george kaplan

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    Mar 14, 2001
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    I'm a bit confused. Is this a permanent change?

    Before it was $2.50 for the 1st disc, then .50 per extra disc.

    Now it's $1.50 per disc?

    That means on anything over 2 discs (and unfortunately a MASH dvd counts as 3 discs) that the new shipping costs more. Or am I missing something?

    I always order about 4 dvds (usually 4 to 8 discs) and often use laser's edge, but I think this may push them out of contention for me if I'm understanding it correctly.
  4. Neil N

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    Dec 14, 2000
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    I've been using them for a while now, and am extremely happy, especially with the speed of shipping.

    I'm a little bummed with what George has pointed out on possible higher prices for multiple disc orders, but I do like the flexibility to just go ahead and order a single disc when I want without having to worry about "packaging" it with several others to save on shipping.
  5. Adam_S

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    oh good, I was going to preorder miller's crossing (and maybe Barton Fink) from them this weekend.

    I'm also confused, it's 1.50 per disc, not title. does that mean that a two disc set will be charged 3$ and a five disc set like Criterion's Antoine Doinel set will be charged 7.50 in shipping?

  6. Marc Daege

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    Jun 7, 2001
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    Thanks for all the positive comments regarding this "Special".

    We are in the current state of reviewing it constantly, one unforseen problem originates with multi disc sets. This we did not see and we will have to fix this. I think we may have to adjust the disc count down by at least one to bring it in line with what it should be. I would appreciate it if anyone comes across multi disc sets that need adjusting please notify me at [email protected]

    We are trying to offer a quick, reliable (1st class/Priority, not media mail) service for our customers and do appreciate all of your feedback.

    We went around to all competitors and compared shipping prices and came up with what we found to be a fair price for fast, reliable shipping.

    The "special" may change again or it may stay the same or it may become our standard method. This is why we need feedback on it.

    Marc @ The Laser's Edge

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