Kino's Wong Kar-Wai Collection

Discussion in 'DVD' started by Matt_P, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. Matt_P

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    Sep 19, 2000
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    I haven't seen any discussion on this yet, so I thought I'd get a thread going.

    Kino's set, due 10/19, includes:

    As Tears Go By (first R1 release)
    Days of Being Wild (first R1 release)
    Chungking Express (same Miramax DVD)
    Fallen Angels (remastered)
    Happy Together (remastered)

    This one was under the radar for me until recently--I'm really looking forward to it. Kar-Wai has become one of my favorite directors in recent years, and it looks like he's beginning to get the recognition he deserves here in the States (Criterion's excellent release of In the Mood for Love is a nice prequel, no doubt).

    It also looks like Days of Being Wild is getting a limited theatrical run from Kino in select cities.

  2. Bryant Frazer

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    Dec 1, 1998
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    My thought is that I need to take my old copies of Happy Together and Fallen Angels to eBay, like, post-haste. (This will make the third copy of Happy Together I've bought, including the original HK DVD release.)

  3. Matthew Brown

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    Sep 19, 1999
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    It's unfortunate that Ashes of Time isn't included. The reasons range from there not being good source materials to not being able to find who owns the rights. It depends where you hear it from.

    There will also be a French set that does inculde Ashes of Time but there won't be English subtitles.

  4. AndrewWickliffe

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    Jun 12, 2002
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    Everyone interested in this set should check DVD beaver's comparisons (linked through the regional dvd forum) on this set...

    None of the discs they've reviewed are that much better than the HK versions and 'As tears go by' appears to be the same transfer...

    As for the fellow who said 'Ashes of Time,' yes, where is the appreciation for this film? Great, great film. I hear the laserdisc is good, honoring the multiple aspect ratios and such...

    I can't believe Criterion didn't go after these...

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