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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by brianSCH, Jul 7, 2003.

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    I have a JVC HR-S9600U VCR that really rocks!! It's gold in color and want to buy a matching JVC DVD player. Question 1) Can I program my VCR remote to work on the DVD player or also the DVD remote to control the VCR?? I know the remote says they can be programmed to control a TV, but how about another JVC product?? Specifically will the D723GD DVD remote with the jog-shuttle on it be able to control the jog-shuttle feature on my VCR??
    Question 2) Will any JVC DVD remote work on any JVC DVD player or are they designed for that specific player??
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    1) I have the same vcr and a late-model JVC dvd player, and this cannot be done. The remotes can each control their own device and a tv, but not other non-tv devices.

    2) Usually any remote will control any player of the same model year and type. A single disc player remote won't change discs on a changer, however.

    Have you looked into any of the popular 3rd party universal remotes? Many of these can be setup to control all devices in your system.

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