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Custom Home Theater (and house containing it) for sale: Southern New Hampshire (1 Viewer)


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Aug 1, 1997
Do you live in southern New Hampshire / northern Mass (or want to relocate there) and wish you had a custom home theater? Well here's your chance! We had a corporate relocate to Texas and that means our home theater (and the house it resides in) are on the market. Since this is the Home Theater Forum, let's talk about the theater first.

The home theater was custom-designed by Dennis Erskine of Design Cinema and features a room-within-a-room construction. The walls are floating with an offsetting-stud construction and double-layers of drywall and then are fully acoustically treated both on the inside (for further sound isolation) and on the interior with both absorptive and reflective treatments at different heights. (Note that even the wall behind the screen cavern and the ceiling are acoustically treated.) The room is acoustically "dead" inside and when you are cranking a movie at reference volume you can't even hear the sound in the main part of the house.

The screen is mounted on an acoustically isolated stage (filled with two tons of play sand for deadening and a custom multi-layer construction including multiple wood layers with 90° offset grain and felt. (You can jump up and down or stomp as hard as you can on the stage and there's no resonance.) The screen is acoustically transparent and the center channel is placed dead-center behind the screen. (Everything else behind the screen is covered in black fabric (over acoustic treatment) or is painted black.) In front of the screen is a thick red textured remote-controlled custom curtain (which completely vanishes from sight when open.

In addition to the center speaker, all speakers are hidden from view behind acoustically transparent fabric. The room is wired for 7.1 sound (including wiring for dual subs, if desired, though not necessary with the included SVS monster) and all wires are carefully labeled.

The main equipment (listed below) is mounted in a rack at the rear of the theater and the projector is mounted in a vented hush box. The image is projected through a plate of optical float glass at the rear of the theater.

The entire room is automated and controlled by a custom Crestron system with a multi-zone lighting system. The lighting includes sidewall sconces, ceiling mounted halogen downlights, and recessed rope lighting along the top edge of the wall.

Outside the theater is a small ante-room with a stairwell leading down to the main part of the house and a doorway to the home gym. Access to a DVD storage library (and a to the rear of the theater including the projector and the rear of the rack) is provided via a custom-built movie ticket "booth" that conceals a hidden door. In addition, against the theater wall are two quick-release movie poster frames.

This really is an amazing home theater that is built for decades of use and enjoyment and is being sold with all of the equipment.

The house itself is located in quiet Hudson, New Hampshire - located just to the East of Nashua. It is equidistant to I-93 and Route 3 for easy commuting to Massachusetts if desired and is only about twenty minutes from downtown Manchester. The house was built in 1996 (and the theater was built in 2002). It has 3096 square feet and sits on a 1.5 acre lot (including a huge fenced-in meadow in the backyard surrounded on all three sides by woods). It has three bedrooms and two 1/2 bathrooms and offers hardwood flooring on the first floor. The living room has a built-in wood stove, the rear of the house includes two levels of Ipe hardwood decks, and the house has a home gym with a commercial-grade rubber floor.

The house is listed with Better Homes and Gardens | The Masiello Group and lists for $369,000.

For more information on the house visit the listing on Realtor.com. If you have any questions regarding the home theater, please feel free to ask me.

Theater Equipment:
Projector: JVC D-ILA G15 three chip digital (with Panamorph anamorphic lens)
Screen: Stewart Filmscreen Greyhawk Microperf 110 inch diagonal
Sound Processor: Integra Research RDC-7 (supports Dolby Digital EX, DTS-ES 6.1 Discrete)
Audio Control Pantages 5 x 200 watt (L-C-R-LR-RR)
Audio Control Avalon 2 x 200 watt (2xRC)
Samson S700 2 x 350 watt (Sub)
Mains: Triad InRoom Gold LCR (3)
Surrounds: Triad InWall Silver Surround bipole (4)
Subwoofer: SVS 16-46CS
Home Theater PC: for DVD playback
Control System: Crestron Smartouch ST-1550C system
(fully programmed for audio, video, lighting, start/end show)

I've included pictures of the home theater below, including a shot of the rear of the rack as an indication of the care that went into putting the theater together.



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