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Jan 29, 2019
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I just heard about the recent & unexpected passing of actor Luke Perry. Very sad news. Though I was never a 90210 fan, I did really enjoy Perry's underrated sci-fi TV series Jeremiah, which ran only two short seasons (2002-2004). I saw both seasons on the DVD sets years ago. Here's a review I wrote up over 10 years ago, primarily about S01:

I just finished watching the short-lived & and well-done sci-fi series "Jeremiah". The show starred Malcolm Jamal-Warner as Kurdy and Luke Perry as Jeremiah, and focuses on their adventures in a post-apocalyptic America. 15 years prior to the events in the show, a virus ("The Big Death") had wiped out almost all people past the age of puberty (older than 12/13), leaving the remaining children to fend for themselves. I found the show very interesting and well thought-out, and it really captured my imagination much more than many other sci-fi TV shows:

Here are some of my thoughts on the series:

* The idea of a virus wiping out everyone over the "age of innocence" (as quoted from the opening sequence) and leaving just children to take care of themselves is truly chilling. Since many children are ruled more by their emotions than adults (in some cases), and with no adult supervision/control, there would be mass chaos, as evidenced in the show, especially the flashback sequences. Conversely, some of the children would probably take care of each other (big kids taking care of babies and smaller children, etc.)

* I find that most of the after-effects/results of "The Big Death" that you see on the show are very well thought-out and plausible: Mass breakdown of society; Very little or no electricity/running water (all the adults who know how to run these things are gone); the uselessness of money as a form of commerce (as seen in the episode when the pool-hall owner had a huge amount of hundred-dollar bills stapled to his wall in hopes that the money would someday be worth something again); the return to a primitive barter/trading system; the proliferation of mauraders/gangs/violent splinter groups (there is no law anymore to keep them in check).

* One of my favorite episodes was the one where Kurdy and Jeremiah went to the library in Denver to look for technical manuals, and Kurdy stopped that gang who wanted to destroy the books. In this day and age, I think people are reading less because of: The Internet, Cable TV with multiple channels, I-phones, streaming, etc., but if none of those things are available, then it would make sense that some people would turn back to reading books as a form of entertainment; i.e., Kurdy is an avid reader on the show.

* It's interesting that some adults did survive the virus, including that group of priests in the last two episodes (as they said, a virus is not 100% fatal to 100% of the population), and the other group at the Valhalla Sector (including Jeremiah's father).

Both seasons are available on DVD, though IIRC they're both out of print at this point. Also IIRC, S02 was on DVD-R.
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