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    I just had my new home theater set up and I am having issues. I have a Denon avr 1612 receiver with a Vizio Razor 55" LED hdtv running through a direct TV box.
    I had a tech set up the system with my speakers in the cieling except for my sub and center. The problem is when I am watching my TV the picture jumps and at times the screen goes blank for a few seconds then fades back in. All components are run through my Denon receiver.
    I asked the tech and he said that he thought that the receiver was in a space that was too tight so it was overheating. With this I have two questions:
    1. Could this be true? Is this what is causing the skipping?
    2. Is their and IR repeater system compatible with my receiver that would allow me to move the reciever to a larger cabinet so it can have room and not overheat?
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    Welcome to HTF! :)
    1. Yeah thats what it sounds like. But before going any further put a fan on your AVR, cool it down and see for yourself.
    2. This is what I use. I like this system as it replaces one of the batteries in your remote (either aa or aaa). Works great as long as you dont have a remote with a built in battery pack system, its cheap too. IIRC it comes with a single IR blaster cable but you can order a cable with 3 or 6 blasters and additional transmitter batteries for additional remotes.

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