INFINITY HPS-1000: Thinking of replacing main driver, any current or previous users?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Mike_Cif, Jun 8, 2005.

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    As some might remember I purchaseD a HPS1000 about 8 months ago at a really nice price. I've been extremely happy with this subwoofer. I really find little fault with it, other then it being able to truly dip to the low 23-16hz range without some heavy drop off. I am curious, with any users who have replaced the main driver on this unit. I am wondering how much problems you might of had, and what where your results? Do you happen to know what OHM the main driver runs at? Also, as I understand the HPS1000 is tuned although there is no ports on this unit perhaps someone can explain.

    I have found what I believe is an excellent replacement:

    Curious on anyones thoughts, do you feel the sound will be improved or no change, or even worse with a driver that wasn't designed for this system.

    Thank You!
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    Besides being a 15" sub, what leads you to believe that this will be an excellent replacement? I looked at that sub when it went on sale. Some very important T/S parameters (Qes, Qms and xmax) are missing from the specs. Without this information, I know you haven't modeled the sub in any simulation software. Also, you don't know the T/S parameters of the passive radiators. Finally, the amp may have a sub-sonic filter and/or boost to compensate for design limitations of this sub. Even if you can model the sub, these factors could completely change the output.

    With all the work that would go into properly integrating a new driver into this sub, you would be better off designing a sub from the ground up. If you decide to go ahead with your replacement plans, please don't use the MB Quart sub. The AV15 is just one of MANY better drivers out in the market.

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    I believe the driver used in that Infinity is a JBL Pro driver. Possibly the same driver in the B380, Infinity service part number 333648-001, $229 replacement cost (JBL = 2235H, $250) .

    Accept it for what it is. Add external EQ to accentuate lower frequencies if placement mods don't help, but expect a lower limit on max SPL.

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