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  1. BryanK

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    Mar 5, 2001
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    Hey guys, Thanks for your time.
    My budget is going to be around 2k.
    However im in an apartment and dont want alot of volume, just perfect sound if i can get it. so my emphasis is NOT on the sub as much as the center, fronts and rears. (although i'm shure my neighbors wont mind a good wall moving jolt every now and then [​IMG] )
    My room size is H-7.5'W-15'L-21' I sit about 11' from the front so i have ample room for 7.1 surround.
    my reciver is an Pioneer 811s with JBL NSP24II (5.1 Hometheater kit)[​IMG]
    Will I be happy with a good DIY kit? I have never listened to any. What can i compair them to? what kits will be best for my needs? I have been down in the speaker section of this fourm, and I'm reading alot about Paradigm speakers. There is a store not to far from me that carries them, and I will be heading over durring the week to take a listen.
    How should I invest my time and money?
    Thanks for your time. Bryan
  2. Tim Morton

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    May 5, 2000
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    I think best sound quality should always be written as best sound quality i can afford. In other words , what is your budget. And how serious are you about DIY? Head over to http://www.audioc.com/ and look through the priceing...it can go from affordable to WOW!!!

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