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Nov 15, 2004
Hello, all, this is my first post. Can't believe I'm only now finding this forum after years of being a theater junkie.

I have to admit that things have gotten away from me. I jumped into Home Theater about 4 years ago. I spent what was for me at the time, a pretty large amountof $$ for a good entry-level system: Onkyo Integra (before they split) receiver and DVD player, Paradigm Reference speakers (80's and CC in front, 20's in rear). M&K 12" sub, and the requisite amount of money on respectable cables. Later added a Monster Power Center (the one with the old-fashioned dial on the front.) All of it top-of-the-line entry-level stuff at the time.

Fast forward 4 years and 3 children later, 2 new cars, 1 new motorcycle, and 1 new house later: needless to say other than an unnecessarily large number of DVD's on the shelf, I have not invested a $ since. I've been happy with the theater for what it was, but couldn't wait to move up to the mid-fi level of equipment.

I've been finishing my basement, which will include a (if I do say so myself) well-done theater room, complete with everything I can think of and have read about proper dimensions for sound, sound treatment, future wiring needs, dedicated and isolated A/C, etc. and it's nearing completion. Since the time is getting close, I've begun upgrading the system, and this is where I'm starting to get confused.

Apparently, things in the DVD-player world have gotten a little crazy while I wasn't looking. DVD-A, SACD, the various formats for DVD and CD burning, various sampling rates, not to mention HD, progressive scan, etc, etc, etc. I need some guidance and maybe suggestions if you're brave enough on the right pieces of equipment to consider for a DVD-player replacement.

For an idea of the rest of the system, I've recently taken ownership of a brand new Earthquake Cinenova Grande amp (5 channel), and have decided to go with an Anthem AVM-30 preamp. A/C conditioner--no plans to upgrade at this time. Speakers/sub--no upgrade plans. Monitor will be a Sony 50-inch RPLCD. These ship now with an HD tuner ready for an antenae, HDMI, CableCard, and a good amount of the now-standard connections. The only piece left that I want to get into right now is the DVD player (which I will use for CD's)

My listening habits are primarily movies, although I do have a discrimiating ear, and when I do choose to listen to music, it is in stereo, no sub, and I'm very picky about the sound of it. This is what is nice about the earthquake amp, since it's 5 monoblocks tucked into one box, I get good performce for both music and movies.

So that should give you everything you need to help me out with this. Since I'm a mostly into movies, the video qualities of the player are high on the list, but I want it to be very detailed on the music playback as well. The only players I know of to consider is the few players from Denon. However, even there, the models are confusing now, and there are even threads on here about different models, and after reading them I still can't figure out what you're talking about.

Anyway, I'll quit rambling now. Thanks in advance for the help and suggestions. It's not typical of me to ask for help like this, but I just can't seem to catch up on 4 years of changes from magazine articles. Looking forward to making some new friends here. Thanks,



May 1, 2003
Hello Tim, welcome to HTF :)

sounds like an awesome system (and I'm a paradigm fan too). Since you're familiar with Onkyos, have you had a look at the DV-SP1000?

there's a discussion here on HTF (see second and twelfth posts by Eric)

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