i wasnt prepared for SHIRI - SPOILER

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    SPOILER !!!

    a friend of mine told me to try this korean movie ( the first korean movie i have ever seen ).

    i got caught off guard. i like the movie! it was in a way felt like a hollywood movie, but it didnt have outrageous, over the top action sequences. everything felt real.

    my criticism toward the movie :
    - i hate the camera that shakes too much in the shooting scenes.
    - i hate the dramatization about the "died in the hand of his partner".
    - the CTX was a super secret weapon, yet they want to bring it to a weapon show???
    - how did they put a spying device inside a fish without killing it in the first place?
    - how did they manage to convince the agents that aquariums in their office is a good thing?

    but everything else was great. if people could enjoy silly action movies such as mission impossible 2 ( that didnt make sense at all ), i think they should be able to enjoy SHIRI.

    i was like, ok, they knew how to insert the device to a living fish and put aquariums everywhere in their office. then all of a sudden i got myself watching the movie twice in a row. i really got caught off guard! i enjoyed this movie as much as i enjoyed the other action blockbuster, hollywood movies.

    somebody at imdb said the shooting sequences pale compared to anything made by john woo. he must be out of his mind. john woo is way overrated. i think SHIRI is as realistic as the Koreans could ever do, and i personally give them big thumbs up.

    btw, i read another criticism about this movie. the lovers didnt have any chemistry between them. uhm, what does that mean? i think the acting was really good and convincing.
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    The aquarium thing didn't bother me; work in an office of closely knit types and there's always pressure to patronize the business of each other's SOs. It was a little extreme, but not outlandish, especially from someone that you'd expect to trust. One would expect she gave them a good deal too.

    I thought it was quite well done, though a bit too Hollywood polished for my tastes. I can see why they're justly proud of this picture in Korea.

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