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Steve Tannehill

R.I.P - 4.28.2015
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Jul 6, 1997
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Steve Tannehill
Great review, Herb. Thanks!

Is "The Searchers: An Appreciation" in high definition, or was that 480p? I did not think to push the button and see the resolution, I just assumed it was 1080i since it looked so good (except you could tell the clips from the movie were taken prior to final cleanup).

It's always a pleasure to see Martin Scorsese comment on films.

- Steve

Robert Crawford

Dec 9, 1998
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I can't let the above comment slide without responding to it. The reason why people such as myself complain about that color timing issue is because we care about this great film very much, so much that we desperately want Warner to do the best job of presenting it to us as Ford and Hoch would've wanted it shown to us today. Personally, I've probably viewed this film way over 100 times in my lifetime, you don't watch a film that many times without a deep sense of caring about it. As I stated repeatedly on this forum, it is my favorite film and it's one of those few films that I viewed as a child that stayed with me long after watching it for the first time, thus, helping to fuel my deep interest in film.

So I can't help to feel slighted when someone makes a "blanket" comment that those of us that discuss valid PQ issues should spend more time watching films instead of complaining about them. It's not nearly as simple as that because I feel this forum and other similar internet forums offer an opportunity for filmlovers to not only discuss film, but to speak to any PQ-related issues regarding any video released products. If we don't push the studios in regard to the latter then perhaps their commitment to producing excellent home video product will not be the same if don't hold them accountable for their actions. The studios including Warner are no different than any other businesses, they do make mistakes in producing their product and satisfying their customers.

Over the last week, in comparing the different home video releases of this film, I must have watched the film more than a half dozen times if you add up the hours I spent in front of my HT viewing those releases. IMO, it was time well spent and I felt good knowing that I could comment publicly that Warner did a fine job with this latest HD DVD release. It might not be perfect, but I'm very satisfied with the final product as I recommend it to anybody that cares to listen to my home video recommendations.

There are times in which I too, disagree with PQ criticisms directed at certain releases. Such was the case with "The Naked Spur" dvd presentation. However, it would be too dismissive of me to suggest that those that feel such criticism is warranted are spending too much time complaining and not enough time watching film. Perhaps, they feel the same way about "The Naked Spur" as I do about "The Searchers". So with that type of film passion whom am I to say that what they're watching or hearing isn't a valid concern to them? I might not agree with that criticism and have offered my contrary opinion many times on this forum, but I still have to respect those that don't share my personal opinion.

All that aside, another excellent review on a product that deserves nothing short of it.:)



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Jul 19, 2002

well, Adventures Of Robin Hood shows up next month, and there's a good bet that Mutiny On The Bounty will sail onto the format in November. If Warner can bust out one good classic in October and December (North By Northwest? The Music Man? 2001? Singin' In The Rain? Casablanca?) then we might be on the way of one true classic a month...at least.
wouldn't that be sweet.

but I don't know that it would impact the 'war' much since eventually the same titles will show up on both formats. Had Warner never consented to cross platform support, I think we could have had a great shot at seeing the writing showing up on the wall by the end of the year. Oh well.

Herb Kane

May 7, 2001

My comment certainly wasn’t directed at anyone personally and is indeed more of a blanket statement than anything else. I’m all for lobbying the best possible results from the studios, particularly when they don’t get it right. However, there has been an increasing trend lately to expect (unreasonably so, IMO) perfection with absolutely everything; regardless of the popularity of the title, the budget allotted, condition of the elements etc etc. On top of that, many want the disc draped with extras and they want it under $10 bucks – again, unrealistic, IMO.

It’s the very reason I stopped using screencaps in my reviews. Granted, there are many other factors at play when it comes to using screen caps, but even as window dressing there were complaints from those who hadn’t even seen the disc.

In regards to The Searchers, I read other criticisms on the net (not necessarily here), which went on ad nauseum – over and over. Frankly, at times, gets to a point which becomes ridiculous with the amount of energy channeled into some of these complaints (some warranted, others not so).

I gotta be honest, when I’m able to head down to my little refuge and spend two hours watching a film, I cherish those two hours. That’s not to say I won’t be vocal when the need arises. However, time is a luxury and one I’d prefer to spend watching these old films rather than criticizing every possible aspect of their release. At the end of the day, it’s the content that matters first. I’m sure others won’t share my opinion entirely, and that’s fine as I appreciate we all share different thoughts and opinions.


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