how much of an sound quality upgrade is the Yamaha 2200 compared to my Yamaha 596?

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    I have been searching for a replacement for my Yamaha 596 receiver. The sound can be quite bright sometimes with my Paradigm monitor speakers and the mid bass output isn't great. I'm hoping for a noticable upgrade in music quality.

    I have tried 2 models so far: the Marantz 8200 and Denon 3802. Both had some flaws that I couldn't deal with. While both sounded great for music and very good for movies, I think I want just a tad less warm sound to make movies sound a little more lifelike to me, but not as treble heavy as the yamaha 596 is.

    Is there a big difference in the sound of the 596 and the 2200? I assume there is some due to the price difference, but are they based upon simular amps or do the upper level Yamahas have completely different amps?
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    Hey Tom,

    I've never heard a 596, but I do own a 2200. I personally have compared the 2200 with a 2802 and the yammie seemed warmer and more musical. I've read that the 3802 is better then the 2802 but the yammie still sounds better for music. Totally subjective of course but you are asking for opinions.... The new yammies still have a great top end though so it still sounds very clean and crisp. It's something worth considering.

    I have no experience with Marantz but they say they are very good for music. You just have to listen to them all and see which one sounds best to you.

    Good luck and have fun.

    - Mike
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    Tom, Try a harman/kardon.

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