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Patrick Sun

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Jun 30, 1999
Having been reluctantly retired last year, I've had more free time on my hands lately, so I've been in organization mode for the house, mainly for my comic book collection (which is mostly done, except for an on-going project of converting long boxes to short boxes and also procuring shelving units to go vertical with the short boxes storage situation). Nowadays my movie media collection has most of my attention for re-organization.

For years now, I only bought BDs and 4Ks when they go on sale during Black Friday/November sales (mostly $10 or less, unless it's a steelbook, then maybe a little more per title), so that's a small window of purchasing activity for me these days. It still means I've amassed dupes of titles from DVD to BD to 4K due to collecting for over a quarter of a century.

I've been culling from the collection any of the dupe DVD/BD titles if the 4K version has most of the goodies with that titles, but I'll keep a DVD or BD edition if it has extras or nifty packaging (I kept the DVDs of a handful of Tarantino films simply for the packaging). This past month, I was able to remove 40 DVDs and a few BDs from the collection, and I mostly just give them to a friend who is nice enough to accept them, though I doubt he gets much use out of them these days because it is hard to find time to keep current with content offerings out the wazoo on all forms of streaming and broadcasting. It's a hamster wheel existence to keep current and also find time to enjoy the collection. Last year, I also culled the BDs that were already included in the 4k edition of the movies, and gave those to my friend.

Finally pulled the trigger on a large 4K TV set during black Friday this year, so I'm ramping up my 4K viewing priority going forward, and enjoying the 4K collection that I've amassed in yearly buying opportunities. I do have a small 4K TV for the bedroom, but I never really enjoyed watching 4Ks on it. I'm finally retiring my ancient Samsung 1080 DLP TV!

I'm also running out of room to store media, so gutting more and more DVDs/BDs will be on top of the culling priorities for 2022.

I finally cut the cable cord, and using YouTubeTV for my TV viewing for current shows I used to watch via cable TV. I rarely watch the streaming content on Amazon Prime, but it's an option since I do have Prime. I don't really do the Netflix/Disney+/etc streaming thing at this time. Just trying to keep monthly content costs in check. I'm not a fan of streaming, but know that it's the future. I still enjoy being able to pop in physical media of movies and TV shows from the collection at my leisure (without having to worry if it's still available in a streaming content provider's library or not), and it's how my brain is wired, mostly old-school.

So, I realize I'm sort of dumb to keep on keeping on with the physical media purchases, but I am what I am.

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