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May 8, 2003
I'm looking to spend around $2000-$2500 to get a new HDTV. I think DLP or anything other than a CRT based RPTV is out of that price range. I found 3 Hitachi models, and 1 Mitsubishi model that I like. Do you have any recommendation on one of these models vs. the others?

Hitachi 51SWX20B - This is probably the best TV that I'm looking at It's got a AV system I probably won't use but also it has superior optics, tubes, and sound. It's a bit pricier, but I found it for $2295 on the circuit city website. If I can actually buy it for that price, I think this is the RPTV I'm leaning towards getting.

Hitachi 51UWX20B - This is similiar to the SWX, but with not as good CRTs, and sound. It's also $300 cheaper. Is the SWX worth $300 more? I might not even use the sound from this TV much, so that's not really a consideration?

Hitachi 51F500 - This is similiar to the UWX, but with cheaper optics. It's also about the same price, so unless for some reason the UWX is not available, I'd probably not get this TV.

Mitsubishi WS-48311 - This is a bit smaller than the Hitachi's but supposedly has better picture quality. I went to my local electronics megamart, and could not tell much difference between them. Of course they were not side by side, and had different video feeds as well as probably not being calibrated correctly. This is about the same price as the UWX.

Do you think any one of these TV's is a better deal than the others? Is there anything about any of these models that I should know (other than the basic specs). And are there any other models that you would recomennd in my price range instead of these.


Michael Silla

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Jul 27, 2001
I just saw the 57 inch hitachi UWX set at Circuit city for $2199. I bought my set a year ago for only $70 less than that and mine is a 53.

The thing that I like about all Mits sets is that they have thinner borders around the screen that seem to disappear quickly in low light situations. A real plus in my book. I have a friend who has the 55411 and I think it is a impressive set.

Either way you cannot go wrong. I'd personally find the Hitachi to be the best deal right now.


David Preston

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Mar 23, 2003
Another vote for the Hitachi. I have the 57"UWX you can get it cheaper. Just haggle with them a little They knocked $250 off the price of mine. Tell them what you will pay and walk away if they say no. I went in to buy a a entertainment center at Best Buy told them if they give it to me for this price I'll take it home now if not I have another in mind down the road. I really did have one I liked down the road I just liked this one at BB better. They gave it to me for what I said so I took it home. Where do you plan to purchase the big screen? I think I read on here that the Mits at Best Buy were not the same quality as the ones at your local tweeter or HI-FI BUys store. Do a search first. I'm not sure but it wouldn't hurt to check. David


May 7, 2003
And yet another vote for the Hitachi. I also have a friend that has the its 55411 and yes, it's a great set but after seeing them side by side, both displaying HDTV material, I'm gonna go with the 51SWX20B as well. The picture just seems sharper to me but YMMV.

Good luck in your purchase. I will be purchasing mine from a local mom/pop HT shop and he just happens to be the local Hitachi service rep also. Can't beat buying a TV from the same guy that will be fixing it if it breaks. :D

Hope all has a good weekend.


Ed Werner

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Apr 19, 2003
I just recently purchased the Hitachi 57" RPHDTV widescreen (57SWX20B) and I am VERY VERY happy with my choice. I was also in the same boat as you, it was between Mitsu and Hitachi and honestly, the low end Mitsubishi sets just don't compare. The high end Mits are nice, but pricy even still IMO. You won't be dissapointed with the Hitachi, and this coming from someone that was dead set on getting the Mitsu before actually seeing it in store vs the Hitachi.


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