History Channel's "Widescreen Show?"

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by Greg*go, Nov 26, 2004.

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    Yesterday before dinner one of the people at the house was talking about a special they saw on the History Channel explaining the history of widescreen movies.

    He was saying it explained why the industry switched to it, and also dealt a good deal about how much you miss when you convert a fiml to Fullscreen. They gave example of classics like Spartacus, where you are missing half the screen. The only question he wasn't able to answer was what the name of the show was.

    Does anyone know what show had this on? He made it sound pretty interesting, so I'd like to try to see a replay of it. But the first step in doing so would be to know the name of the show, so any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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    Just looked on historychannel.com, maybe it was this.

    Modern Marvels
    Movie Tech.
    Since the late 1800s, when the first flapping images persuaded people that they were watching action unfold, movie technology has steadily evolved to make films seem more and more lifelike. Now movies use high-tech tricks like computer-generated digital imaging, multichannel sound, and even 6-story IMAX images to make the audience believe that what's happening on the screen is as real as the popcorn stuck to their teeth and the theater floor. Join us for a popping hour as we explore 100 years of movie-theater technology.

    It was on Wednesday but looking at tvguide.com it doesn't look like it's coming on again anytime soon.

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