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    Hello All and thanks for taking a look.

    I just bought a new house and I have a problem. In the main family room area, the previous owners have custom built wood built-ins. The problem is the "space" for the TV fits only a 27 inch traditional CRT.

    The room is small but I want to upgrade. i dont want to hire someone to rip down the built-ins as the wife would kill me. The "hole" for the tv is very deep.

    Im trying to figure out a way to fit a plasma tv in that space. I want to increase the size of the tv I have. Nothing wrong with my current tv other than watching tv on a 27 inch is getting old.

    Any suggestions? I was thinking of getting an extension wall mount but afraid that will put way too much stress to extend it out far enough past the opening to fit a 42 or 50 inch plasma.

    What would a professional recommend?

    thanks in advance!
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    I'm not a professional, but can you install a low-profile mount on the front of the built-in box for the 27" TV? You might need a few cross-members across the opening, but..?


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