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Jun 9, 2004

I'm thinking about buying a plasma TV, but I have a few questions and I couldn't find any answers in general sites.

First of all, is there a differance between a plasma TV and a plasma monitor? I mean, other then it having no tuner.

I'll be using a Digital satelite tuner to watch TV, so it shouldn't make any differance, right?

Next, a big problem; I made a search for the name of the company/model, and found no trace of the company making that TV. Has anyone ever heard of the company Fujicom? (model PM4230) I couldn't find anything.

Now to the specs:
16:9 ratio.
VGA, SVGA and XGA res.
16.7 mil colors.
160 degrees view.
PAL, SECAM, NTSC and HD(!)(Wha!) modes.
1500:1 contrast.

Now, to the price: Strangely enough, it's only 2,700$, which is the absolutly cheapest plasma TV in Israel. Cheap peice is a must for me. Also, I'm afraid reccomending other TVs wouldn't help in my case, since I probably wouldn't be able to find them in Israel, and even if I could, it would probably cost much more then this one. Also, a regular TV is not really an option, since it won't fit. So I'll either have to wait or buy plasma.

From what I saw on other companies' models, all of these specs seem great. Did I get anything wrong?

So, what exactly am I missing here? The TV seems to have superb specs, cheapest price.. And an unknown company(though they are offering a all sorts of money-back policies).

If you could explain what's what and what I should look out for when picking a plasma, that would be great. Any links would also help.


Allan Jayne

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Nov 1, 1998
What is the pixel count of the screen? If that is not at least 1024 x 720 (720p is 1280 x 720 ans XGA is 1024 x 768) then the TV is not really high def. There are a lot of 858 x 480 and (something) x 540 plasmas out there as well that will accept an HDTV source and downconvert the video.

The future of getting HDTV from a cable tuner box or satellite tuner box into a non-digital HDTV set input is uncertain. There is already a copy protection law that may result in most or all of the HDTV material being downconverted before it comes out of the tuner box. Only a digital (HDMI with HDCP or DVI with HDCP) input is guaranteed to give you HDTV. However over the air HDTV must still be made available to all HDTV sets.

Video hints:


Jun 9, 2004
I don't care much for HDTV myself, since it won't be coming to Israel anytime soon.
My main question is; Is a TV with good specs but unknown companty worth getting?

Mort Corey

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Nov 21, 2003
The only company I could locate that used the model numbers PM4230, is sold in Europe under the brand "Vision". That unit shows a 3000:1 contrast ration but an EDTV 860X480 (or close, can't remember) resolution. If it is the same display, it sounds like it might be a rebadged Panasonic 42" EDTV.

Is it worth getting? Based on the specs and your desired usage, probably yes. BUT, what if there happens to be a need for repairs? To me, that'd be a pretty big concern with an unknown manufacturer. Would you have to ship it from Israel to China or Japan for warranty work?


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