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Denon AVR X4700H ? (1 Viewer)

Mike Clemens

Feb 6, 2005
First, let me explain my modest HT setup. After 12 years, I retired my 65" Panasonic Plasma and replaced with 85" Samsung QN90A. I need to upgrade my AVR to one which handles 4K and Dolby Atmos. My 7 year old Yamaha does not.

I have a 5.1 surround setup with L C R, BL, BR and sub. I cannot install ceiling speakers but I will put upward firing speakers on top of the front towers. I use ROKU for TV and will also need to upgrade my Blue-Ray player to 4K. I do NOT play games, only watch TV and movies.

I was never really thrilled with Yamaha and I'm looking at the Denon X4700. My new TV is 4K and I plan to keep it as many years as the old one, provided that it holds up. The 4700 is 8K, which I won't use and probably has more channels than my speaker setup will use. Do you think this is overkill? If so, can you recommend a solid AVR that I should look at?

Thanks for all your help. I appreciate it.

Clinton McClure

Rocket Science Department
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Jun 28, 1999
Central Arkansas
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Last year I upgraded from a 20+ year old Yamaha RX-V995 to a Denon S750H and have been thrilled with the performance. I am also just running a 5.1 surround setup at the moment but want to add height speakers for Atmos. The 750 can handle 7.2 channels and is Atmos capable. Wifey has already poo-pooed on the idea of ceiling mounted height speakers so I’ll eventually be adding up-firing speakers on top of my mains. I originally wanted a Marantz but the budget wasn’t there and my Yamaha suddenly died. At the time, the 750 and 960 were the only two Denon receivers within my budget and the 960 was out of stock everywhere so I bought the 750. No regrets.

Anyway, the X4700 should be fine for what you need. If you’re not opposed to buying a 2019 model, the X1600 is still available for $649. It only has 7.2 channels as opposed to 9.2 and the power handling is less (80W vs 125W) but that’s usually an arbitrary number that doesn’t mean much in the real world anyway.

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