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Help, problems with Toshiba 57H83 (1 Viewer)


Nov 10, 2003

I purchased an Toshiba 57H83 57" HDTV set. I have been pretty happy with it but I noticed a few items that seem very odd to me. I had a Best Buy technician come to my house and he didn’t seem to know what to do.

There are two issues I have with this TV.

1) The programming, and DVD screens are noticeably forced over to the right hand side of the screen. I have seen this in almost every input (DVI, Component, and Video)

When I use DVI (Satellite Receiver) Discovery HD emblem half off the right hand side of the screen. When bars are on the left and right the left side bar is noticeably larger than the right side black bar.

When I use DVD (Component Video) The full screen is covered but for example when the movie first comes on, for example the THX logo is skued over to the right hand side, so much so that is is actually off the right hand side of the screen.

When the Best Buy technician came to my home he plugged in through the (Video) on the front side of the TV inputs. A grid came up with his tester, and once again, the grid was skued to the right.

2) When viewing movies that take place in the dark, the picture is absolutely horrible. Scenes in which I am talking about include, (Big Fish-in the dark forest); (Return of the King-Frodo in Shelob's cave); Cold Creek Manor (Ending in the dark house). In all these the character has almost a red glow around there edges. It is really hard to describe just what it looks like other than horrible. The character in the front of the dark seen is just straight black. I am not sure if this is the Samsung DVD (upconverter player) w/DVI cable that came with it, or the TV. I have not noticed this problem on cable.

Are there any adjustment I can make to the TV to improve on either of these two problems? Is my only hope to call ISF technicians?

Michael TLV

THX Video Instructor/Calibrator
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Mar 16, 2000
Calgary, Alberta
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Michael Chen

Issue 1 is a matter of image shift ... but the new sets do not have that parameter readily available anymore. Need to access the ADDR menu of the TV with a Cinema 5,6,7,8 remote.

Issue Two is a grayscale issue and a proper ISF calibration should fix that. You might be able to plead with the BB tech, but the image you have right now falls into the category of "good enough" or within spec.


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