Help! My Sony receiver is dead??!!

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by ChrisMark, Jul 28, 2003.

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    Feb 4, 2003
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    My Sony receiver (from the HD-DDW840 HTIB) when into PROTECT mode last night after unplugging and moving my electronics across the room. In now won't do anything when I turn it on. Is it worth taking to Best Buy for repair is does this sound beyond fixable?

    If this receiver is dead, can you recommend the best receiver under $300?
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    no need to take it to best buy... the most likely cause is a burnt fuse.

    open it up, and look around the power transformer. that's where the bulk of fuses usually are. check all the fuses, and if any of them are burnt.. just replace them with the correct amp rating.

    the protect mode is used similar to a circuit breaker, but when that fails the fuses are usually next to go. there's a chance that you blew out portions of the amplifier, so if all the fuses are intact.. then go take it to a repair shop. best buy overcharges, so go somewhere else.. unless you have a warranty with them.

    and in case you don't know what a fuse looks like.. it looks like a small little vile with metal contact points at the end.


    something like that.

    in the inner portion, there's a thin piece of wire that stretches along it.. that's what you have to check. if the wire is consistent from a to b, then the fuse is intact. if there's any break along point a to b, then the fuse is blown and needs to be replaced.

    also... what resistance rating are your speakers? if they're below 8, you have to compensate for that with the receiver. if the settings were all set correctly, check the speaker wires to make sure none of them were crossing. if any of them were crossing, then that was the cause. if none of them were crossing, and there was no reason for it to go into protect mode.. it's probably a problem within the amplifier.

    if you're still under warranty, don't open it. doing so will void the warranty.

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